Real Time Insights

Our fully automated system enables employees to easily process dinner receipts or petrol costs with a click of a button, and they can even keep track in real time with our app.

business travel management

Intuitive and Easy to Understand

Whether your agency is growing or already established, Rydoo can help. It takes just minutes to get started and within a few days, your employees will wonder how they ever managed without it.


Less Stressful Team Dinners

Take the awkwardness out of team dinners by adding attendees in the Rydoo app. Using our @mentions function you can include internal or external attendees for all your expenses.

Personal Integrations

Imagine how much easier life would be if you could simply connect your Uber account to your expense account? Well, with Rydoo you can now integrate your favourite apps such as Uber, Lyft and Slack to automate expense flows and keep receipts safe.

A Feature For The Techies (API)

Connect your finance, HR or other tools to Rydoo. The Rydoo API provides programmatic access and is organised around REST. Requests and response are sent using JSON and all API access is performed over HTTPS/TLS connections, so you should find it intuitive to integrate existing tools and systems. (See, we told you it was for the tech team…)

Chat & Email Support

We offer real-time support both in the mobile and web app via our integrated chat. Our customer success team will guide users through Rydoo and help out where needed, taking the slack off your very busy tech team on installation day.

Over 1 million professionals across 195 countries are using Rydoo.

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