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Rydoo is home to incredibly talented, international people, working together towards the same goal

Meet some of them

Julien Steel

Product Manager Mobile

What makes your work interesting?

As a product manager, you touch many different aspects of the business. On one hand you need to think long term with the sales team and on the other you’re addressing the pressing issue of the day. The combination of thinking about long term strategic initiatives and day-to-day planning is what truly makes my job challenging and interesting. As a product manager you’re constantly connecting the dots that help push the product forward.

What would be your advice for a new joiner at Rydoo?

My single advice would be to try to meet as many people as possible. We’re a young team with very dedicated colleagues who come from all over the world. Everybody brings something unique to the team and you can learn a great deal from the diversity in backgrounds, languages and, cultures.

How many calories can you avoid by not coming to the office?

On birthdays people bring cake or candy to the office. So you could avoid those days… No, all joking aside, you can always find some fresh fruit in the office.

Yann Montagnana

Relationship Manager

What was your position at the beginning of your journey with Rydoo and what is it now?

My experience at Rydoo started in 2014 when I found an online offer for a Service Desk job for traveling clients. My previous experience back then totally matched the requirements of the offer so I decided to give it a go! I worked in the Service Desk department for about two years as Junior Consultant, then Senior and finally Team Coordinator, specializing in claims and invoicing issues. This led me to a deep understanding of client service and satisfaction. A few months later, I got promoted Relationship Manager!

Would you bring your friend to work at Rydoo and why?

I already did! Back when I worked for the service desk, my flat mate had a fair experience in customer support, so I vouched for him. The HR hired him one year after I joined so I trained him a bit and working with him was a great experience!

What is your favorite office custom?

Easy question! Pizza day! Imagine, you’re at your desk, focused on work and you suddenly smell the delicious warm pizza waiting for you in the kitchen!

Delphine Callens

Senior Customer Success Manager

Life is not just fun and bananas, tell us about a rough patch and how it worked out?

Ok now I have to think about the dancing banana emoji 🙂 The first year was the hardest one. I joined and worked from our New York office alone… I’m a person who always tries to solve problems myself and needed to learn to ask for help. Once I dared to ask for support from my Belgian colleagues, it made my life much easier.

What is the strength of your Team?

I think the respect everyone has for each other reflects the way we work together. Our value ‘Let others shine’ is definitely important to make a fast growing company as Rydoo work.

What makes your work interesting?

The variety of my everyday job. As project manager, I work with our enterprise clients towards a stress free go-live. Projects with our enterprise clients naturally take longer than our standard on-boarding procedures. During these long phases I get to work with so many different teams within Rydoo and at the client side, that I naturally learn new things every day!

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