About Rydoo

We are on a mission to change the way you work. It’s time to make business travel & expense fun.

The story

Rydoo is not your typical company story. It’s not one person’s dream or idea but the shared vision of 3 companies - Sodexo, iAlbatros and Xpenditure. Together, we aim to eliminate painful and frustrating processes for companies worldwide.


We offer one single app, with two modules covering the entire travel & expense journey: before, during and after each business trip.


Our ambition is to change the way we work, offering a brand new experience for business travelers and companies around the world. We aim for a seamless work flow and better quality of life for employees.


Changing the way we work

With a start-up mentality

No idea is too crazy to make business travel & expense easier for everyone. We invent, test and grow with you.

With love for customers

Making your daily business a breeze is what motivates us. We develop user friendly platforms that you will love.

With innovative technology

We only trust the best in class technology. By using Rydoo, you will always be ahead of the curve.

With a great team

Rydoo would not be here without the great teams behind it. Our people are our greatest asset and they will be your favorite contacts.

At Rydoo we do what we love

A great team of travelers


We started small, today we count more than 300 employees.


We come from all over the world, 20 countries to be precise.

World travelers

We love to travel! Together we visited more than 147 countries.

10 offices worldwide

Mechelen, Paris, Warsaw, London, Barcelona, Rome, Frankfurt, NY, Sao Paulo and Amsterdam.


15 languages spoken

Digital nomads

Electricity, wifi and coffee. It's all we need to work.

Meet the leaders
driving our amazing teams

Sebastien Marchon
" We want to make business travel easier to understand and manage. It’s about being mobile in the entire sense of the word: from the device to the journey of each employee. "
Boris Bogaert
" Our customer centricity leads to much better business processes for the employees who are using Rydoo. "
Moncef Khanfir
" Artificial intelligence is the way to go. We design platforms that cope with complex mobility while remaining easy to use. "
Koen Christiaens
" It’s not only about creating a solution solving the travel and expense challenges, but more about creating a solution that our customers and their employees will love to use. "
Wim Derkinderen
" We have the agility of an innovative start-up with the operating skills of a multinational. "
Noel Rauch
Financial director
Anna Kolodziejczyk
" Rydoo would not be here without the great teams behind it. Our people are our greatest asset and they will be your favorite contacts. "

500K+ professionals across 60 countries are using Rydoo.