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At Rydoo we free companies and their employees from travel and expense friction.

Our end-to-end solution covers your whole journey. Period.

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Rydoo is all you need

The full value chain

No one covers the full customer journey. Not like we do...

Rydoo integrates all your needs with travel and expenses. From searching flights and hotels, booking a seat on a train or expensing a cab from the airport, we go with you all the way.

Late dinner with the team in Singapore? We kill the expense report reducing workload every month allowing business travelers to submit their expenses on the go in real-time.

Globally present, locally relevant

With 10 offices around the world, Rydoo serves more than 3,000 enterprises in more than 60 countries. As a true global company, we understand the complexity of all local regulations and can cater to each country individually.

From complex German per diems, HMRC mileage rules, Spanish paperless certifications... Rydoo helps you be compliant wherever you operate.

Automated controls to save you time

Rydoo integrates all your travel and expense policies automating control and saving your approvers and finance team's time. All bookings and expenses are checked against the activated policies and non-compliant receipts are highlighted throughout the funnel. No more manual checks or faulty expenses.

Layer 1

Working together with ease

All your companies in one platform

Rydoo has been developed to support all your branches, all over the world. It allows you to create one account for all your companies and have specific configurations for each one of them. This way you get a global view of all your travel and expense data while each country has its own insights and is compliant with its local regulations and policies

We believe in simple and frictionless integrations

Rydoo integrates with all your systems via API or SFTP, to create the most seamless flow. You can manage the attributes of your users and roles via your HR software, import your chart of accounts for the right expense allocation and send all the controlled expenses back to your ERP system in real-time.


No matter how big you are, you’ll be up and running in no time.

We’ve developed a foolproof Rydoo enterprise onboarding methodology that has proven itself more than once. Through knowledge-sharing we give our clients full power over their platform and allow them to be fully autonomous.


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Safe & secure

Your data storage

As a cloud solution provider, we ensure that all the data you trust us with is safe and secure. All the information entered into Rydoo is stored within the EU and in different hosting data centers. Our hosting providers are all ISO 27001 certified.

Rydoo System Security

The Rydoo app has an always-on protection against DDOS attacks. It has antivirus programs, firewalls and separated virtual networks (DMZ). We also encrypt all the data in transit as well as at rest. Regular pen-tests are performed by our partner ZionSecurity (SecureLink).

GDPR compliance

As an EU-based company, we are bound by GDPR - the General Data Protection Regulation. We regularly consult with different law firms to stay on top of things. Our Data Protection Officer, also keeps a close eye on all the data we process.

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500K+ professionals across 60 countries are using Rydoo.