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10 Reasons Why You Need to Tell Your Boss to Upgrade Their Expense Management Solution

So you are probably as fed up with managing your expenses as everyone else. The good news is that in the past few years the reasons to justify continuing with a manual, time consuming process have evaporated.


In part it is due to the fact that most of us are now walking around with powerful computers in our pockets (in the guise of smartphones). Do we really need to persist with hoarding envelopes full of receipts to be processed at the end of the month?

Here are 10 reasons you need to tell your boss why it is time to upgrade the company’s expense management process!

1. Do you want to continue to bear the personal financial risk of losing a receipt?

With Xpenditure you simply take a photo of your receipt with the app and it is submitted immediately. No more cash lost because you don’t have a valid receipt to support a claim. When a business receipt is lost you cannot claim on that expense. Why not just eliminate that risk?

2. Do you want the bank of you to fund your company?

When you use your own cash to pay for company incurred expenses you are out of pocket until you are reimbursed. Many of us process receipts once a quarter, as it is a chore we simply want to put off until the last minute. With real time expense submission there is no reason reimbursement can’t happen in a timely manner.

3. Do you want to process receipts on your personal time?

Most of us end up stuffing envelopes and drawers with receipts, waiting until the very end to submit our expenses. For many this chore rolls into the weekend. Your weekend that is. With Xpenditure the submission process takes a few seconds, meaning it can be done during your working week.

4. Do you enjoy filling in expense reports?

If you are happy filling in Excel spreadsheets and photocopying receipts to be posted off then Xpenditure is not for you. However, if you like time saving applications that remove mundane tasks then a SaaS expense management solution could be the perfect alternative.

5. Do you like asking one of your colleagues or your PA to do your receipts?

Most people are not too keen on asking others to submit expenses on their behalf. With Xpenditure there is no need to delegate. You can manage your expenses in no time at all.

6. Do you want to lead by example and prove your value?

An increasing number of applications are introduced to management by ‘plugged in’ employees. Given the direct impact persisting with a sub optimal expense management solution has on your role is there any reason not to bring it up with your boss? Want some more evidence? Take a free trial or read on.

7. Do you want to help your company cut costs without impacting headcount?

Many companies are under pressure to cut costs. You know what that means. It invariably means staff and headcount. But what if some savings could be achieved through better expense management? The hidden costs associated with poor expense management processes are enormous, and the ROI on SaaS solutions are significant. The commercial arguments are compelling.

8. Do you want to ensure the administration burden on you does not increase further?

The world of expenses is moving quickly. Before long e-receipts will be the default. How will these square with your current expense management process. Will emails now need to be printed out or forwarded after the data has been input into the system by you? Implementing a modern SaaS expense management solution now will ensure the burden on you does not increase as your company fails to keep up with the real world.

9. Do you want to spend time doing the maths on your mileage?

Do you need to calculate your mileage? Do the rates vary? How about entering a few postcodes and letting the app calculate the rest?

10. Do you want to upgrade your smartphone?

OK this one may not be as convincing as the other 9, however, you are going to need a smartphone to power all these savings and your Nokia 3210 is simply not going to cut it any longer!

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