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Emeritis & Rydoo Expense Best-in-Market HR technology combined with a go forward solution for expense management

Think about how much time you’re spending every month handling your expense management flow, whilst this should be a flexible, user-friendly process. What if there was an easy solution to handle your expenses?

One that is flexible, fast to implement and easily connects your Expense Management processes to your Core HR Information System, leveraging the information already available in this HRIS.

Rydoo Expense & Emeritis partnered up to provide you an HR and expense management process and technology, that can handle the needs of today and tomorrow!

Emeritis and Rydoo Expense integrated their solutions to boost your productivity and efficiency, providing extensive implementation experience in SAP Success Factors, and an intuitive expense management toolset that will minimize time spent on suboptimal, administrative processes.

 • Real-time expense management (incl per diems, mileage tracking, cash advancements, etc.) & reporting.

• Simple, streamlined process that is integrated with SAP SuccessFactors: From ‘receipt scanning’ over ‘approvals’ to reporting. Compliant & Localized.

 • User friendly, available from within SuccessFactors. • Save time and money on business processes.

 • Our services, used in combination with our software solutions, will boost your productivity. How it works and How you can benefit


About Emeritis

Emeritis is an international HR & Technology services company, operating through its offices in Europe and Asia Pacific. Through a unique combination of niche expertise in HR Advisory & HR Technology, Emeritis helps HR to realize true business impact. More specifically, Emeritis supports organizations in creating their workforce of the future, through HR Transformational services, integrated Change Management and Digitization of HR. Your one-stop-shop for HR questions thanks to a multi-skilled team and an ecosystem of partnerships.




The 6-step Plan To Travel & Expense Management Automation

Automating your expense management is a relatively simple project that will save your company many unproductive man hours because employees no longer have to deal with tedious expense reports, yield an ROI of up to 500 percent and increase your employees’ happiness. Choosing the right travel & expense (T&E) tool, however, is crucial. A good fit between your T&E solution and your company’s needs will be strongly correlated with the success of your expense management automation. This article will guide you through the process of preparing, choosing and implementing an expense management solution.


How to increase compliance with your company's travel policy

Many employees do not abide by your company's (T&E) policy for a variety of reasons. Low compliance rates can lead to unnecessarily high travel costs and ultimately undermine your organization’s financial health, as companies with high travel policy compliance rates have a 23% lower total indirect cost per traveler than companies with low compliance rates. 7 reasons why your compliance rates might be low and 6 effective strategies to increase compliance with your corporate T&E policy.


Why low-cost airlines are investing in business travelers

They’re spacious, have extra recline and often come with a glass of champagne — airplane seats in business class. Life’s good in the front of the plane, but it comes at a price — tickets for these spots can be up to five times more expensive than economy.


10 Reasons Why You Need to Tell Your Boss to Upgrade Their Expense Management Solution

So you are probably as fed up with managing your expenses as everyone else. The good news is that in the past few years the reasons to justify continuing with a manual, time consuming process have evaporated.


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