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How to manage cash advances

Employees can now request a cash advance and use this advance as a payment method when they submit an expense.

An employee can check the balance of the advance at any time.

This feature allows you to manage cash advances in an easy way.

It removes the hassle of giving advances and all the paperwork to follow them up. Writing down the expenses, finding the tickets, and then forgetting how much someone stilled owes you.

At Rydoo advances become an option in the Paid with tab.

Expenses made with an advance will automatically be deducted from the initial amount.

Activate Cash Advances

To enable this feature, you must appoint someone as a Treasurer. To appoint roles, you must be an administrator.

Go to Company settings and select the Users tab.

Select the user that is going to be the treasurer, and scroll down to the "Roles" overview.

Here you can assign the Treasurer role to this user.

This user will now have an "Advances" tab where he can create new cash advances for other employees.

Note that the user might have to log out and in again for this tab to appear.

Create & Manage cash advances

To create an advance, go to the Advances tab.

Create a new advance, fill in the fields and select Save.

The user that received the advance will now also have an Advances tab.

He can now select the advance as a payment type. After he makes expenses with this advance, the amount will automatically be deducted from the open amount.

If the user returns a part of the advances, the treasurer can deduct this from the advance manually.

All expenses related to the advance can also be viewed by the treasurer in the details part of the advance.

If you're employees travel frequently you can also use Daily Allowances. Find out more about the Allowances here.



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