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Spanish certification: your expenses 100% paperless

Since January 2017, Rydoo took a new step forward to make expense management 100% paperless across the globe.

The AEAT, the Spanish public administration organization, certified Rydoo as digitization software for invoices and simplified invoices, allowing companies to get rid of paper receipts. Access the certification here

What did it change?

Just like in Australia, Belgium, Denmark, Luxembourg, The Netherlands and the UK, Spaniards using Rydoo are no longer obliged to keep their paper receipts for tax reasons. The images snapped with the Rydoo technology are sufficient. If an audit takes place, spanish companies can simply export a pdf file containing an overview of all expenses. The data is available within a few minutes. 

No more digging into files and finding that one particular paper receipt that might have lost its ink. From now on, Spanish Rydoo users can just type in the specific date or project and export the file. All the data and the image of the receipt will be available.

But how can the Spanish government be certain that the images uploaded in the app match the original receips?

To comply with the technical and legal requirements of the Spanish government, Rydoo integrated a certificate that proves that the images that were uploaded in the app are the original snaps. On top of that, every individual expense is also validated by an independent Spanish auditor to ensure the credibility.

And what about storage?

The terms & conditions of the Spanish government for the Rydoo snaps were to keep the images stored for minimum 7 years. We store them for 10.

Rydoo has officially passed the Spanish certified technical test to obtain the homologation with the AEAT and also obtained homologations from the Navarre and the Basque Country branches.These certifications make it possible for Spanish companies as well as foreign companies with subsidiary in Spain to have a complete paperless business expense management process. 

Enjoy your 100% paperless expense management process, Spain!



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