We understand how complicated it can be organising the travel expenses of every member of your airline company. There are hundreds of receipts to review, corroborate and file, every month. Rydoo’s game changing online travel and expense management streamlines the process for all team members. The result? Not only is everyone happier and more in control of their expenses, but you save time and money for your airline company.

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Save Time With Our Fully Integrated Mobile Platform

Rydoo takes care of the entire process of managing work related travel expenses, from booking hotel rooms to approving reimbursement. It’s easy to use, and ready to be implemented after only a few days.


Automate Your Travel Expenses

Our OCR scanners will automatically extract all the relevant details of receipts, so there’s no need to waste time manually entering information, and at the end of the month the details of employee’s expenses are packaged into one neat bundle, ready for the finance team to process.


Optimised For Use In 60 Different Countries

Remove the administrative heavy process of managing expenses from different countries. We understand that as an airline company you’ll have employees all over Europe, with Per Diem needs and hotel receipts ready to be processed. Rydoo takes care of it. Get started today with our 14-day free trial, and we’ll be on hand to answer any questions you may have.



Transparent Expense History

Take back control of your expenses with our activity overview centre. There you can review your timestamped and processed past receipts, along with the status of current expenses pending approval.

Advanced Approval Setup

Let’s keep it simple: if you know there’s regular expenses from business travellers, why not automate it? Rydoo supports approval flows on a user level, group level or project level. Use the app to take back control of your current approval flow.

Cash Advances

Request, approve and manage cash advances.

Accurate Currency Conversion

Rydoo will convert all expenses into the currencies you’re working with in accounting. We update our conversion rates daily, so you’ll receive the correct rate based on the exact date of the given expense.

You Rydoo wherever your business travels.

What clients are saying

For a long time we processed the expenses manually. With this app you only have to take a picture of your receipts. You can submit your expenses in only a couple of minutes time. Our employees appreciate that very much. They don't need to keep all their receipts and they can count on a faster process and faster reimbursements of their expenses.
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Jan Derycke
VP Finance Accounting

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