At Rydoo, we understand that as part of the construction industry, arranging travel is a necessary but often stressful part of the job. Time spent worrying over petrol receipts, arranging hotels, and sending endless emails back and forth is far better spent actually on-site or out to lunch with a client. We’re here to make your job easier for you.


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Comfort and Control

Rydoo is an online travel and expense management system that takes care of all the annoying parts of business travel. The entire process, from booking flights to approving reimbursements, is consolidated within Rydoo. Everyone in the approval chain can keep track of their past and pending receipts in the activity overview, allowing for companywide transparency and empowering each employee to regain control of their expenses.


Customise and Automate Your Process

You can automate the process as much or as little as makes sense for your construction company, with options to customise the way team members interact with Rydoo, for a more intuitive experience that integrates your company’s existing hierarchies and way of working. Try our 14-day free trial to discover the added value Rydoo can bring to your construction company.



Expedite Your Mileage Expenses

With the integration of Google Maps, calculating mileage costs is more intuitive than ever. Fill in the details of your car journey and we’ll generate the required reimbursement.

Transparent Expense History

Take back control of your expenses with our activity overview centre. There you can review your timestamped and processed past receipts, along with the status of current expenses pending approval. 

Advanced Approval Setup

Let’s keep it simple: if you know there’s regular expenses from business travellers, why not automate it? Rydoo supports approval flows on a user level, group level or project level. Use the app to take back control of your current approval flow.

You Make the Rules

Define custom rules based on amount, category, weekend expenses, duplicate expenses and so on. Decide if expenses need to be flagged, can be auto-approved or if someone needs to be informed about an out of policy expense.

You Rydoo wherever your business travels.

What clients are saying

We looked at several platforms and tried a few. With Rydoo we were able to test drive all the features. I've put together a small project team for the trial period and everyone loved it. We then decided to build a case with the Rydoo team and presented it to management. Find out more.
Matthew Streicher
Director of Project Development | Tippmann Group
Rydoo pushes you do your expense in real-time. Keeping the habit of storing receipts and only scanning them when the deadline approaches is not ideal.
It’s better for us as we can instantly get rid of the receipts and for the finance team, they have a lot more visibility on expenses' spending.
Technology wise, it shows that we are state of the art and it helps selling the younger generation to come work for us. Find out more.
Matthew Streicher
Director of Project Development | Tippmann Group

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