Compliance with German laws and regulations

Are you wondering how using Rydoo may help you comply with German laws & regulations? From per diems over electronic storage to data security in Germany, Rydoo has it covered. Get to know our global strategy based on local compliance.


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Per Diems

Complex regulations made simple, for German and multinational clients. Up-to-date, country- and region-specific per diems, pre-set in your account. Let your employees manage their per diem allowance with just a few clicks.

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Electronic storage

Take your company to the digital era and safely throw away all your paper receipts. Let Rydoo help your company to go totally paperless, in compliance with GoBD.

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Data Security

Rest assured, we take your data very seriously. Born and bred in Europe, we know and value GDPR as well as local legislation. Because data protection matters.



Flexible pricing model

Don't pay for what you're not using. Rydoo's pricing model is based on your active usage and gives your company the room it needs to grow.   

Up & running in no time

Getting started with Rydoo only takes a few minutes. Make it a few days, if your company is growing fast. For larger companies our project experts will create the perfect onboarding plan for you.

We integrate with all your tools

In order to offer you the most seamless experience, our integration portfolio evolves everyday. We integrate with credit card feeds, ERP software (SAP, Datev), HR tools and more.

Best-in-class support

Sit back and relax, our Customer Success Unicorns are by your side. They speak more than 9 languages fluently and will help you get the best out of the platform.

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What clients are saying

"Educating employees on the rules of a different country can be challenging, especially when dealing with complex regulations such as German per diems. Rydoo’s built in per diem module is really incredible. Now we simply tell employees use the app to create their trip and everything will be calculated for them."
Marisa Werle
Operations Manager at Parakar
"Rydoo helped us very well with its part of the documentation we had to provide to the Finanzamt. Without Rydoo, it would have been impossible for us to have a 100% paperless expense management process., while being compliant with the GoBD.”
Nathan De Rouck
innogy Consulting

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