The technology sector is fast paced, exciting and obsessed with innovation – so why are you and your teammates still coming up against lengthy, laborious and admin-heavy delays when it comes to processing expenses? At Rydoo, we believe it doesn’t need to be complicated – so we’ve created an elegant solution that will save your company time, money and headaches.


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Book Flights and Accommodation

Rydoo is an online travel and expense management system that takes care of all the annoying parts of processing team expenses, from booking flights and hotels, to reimbursing business dinners and team meetings.


Integrate with Your Existing Systems and Favourite Apps

Team members can integrate Rydoo with their favourite apps such as Dropbox, Slack and Uber to automate expense flows, and you can also connect your company’s existing financial systems to ensure a seamless data flow between the software.


Paperless and Intuitive

Our responsive app allows receipts and expenses to be easily uploaded to our system and helps team members to easily keep on top of tedious but necessary expense admin. Find out more or try our 14-day free trial to see if Rydoo is right for your company.



Save time with OCR Scanning

Rydoo makes uploading expense receipts faster and easier. Our OCR feature will automatically extract all the relevant info needed to process your receipt, such as the merchant, date of purchase, the currency, and the amount. Simply snap a picture via our app, upload an image or screenshot from your computer, or if you have a digital receipt, you can forward it to us and it will be added to your account. No manual input necessary - unless you want to of course.

Transparent Expense History

Take back control of your expenses with our activity overview centre. There you can review your timestamped and processed past receipts, along with the status of current expenses pending approval. 

Advanced Approval Setup

Let’s keep it simple: if you know there’s regular expenses from business travellers, why not automate it? Rydoo supports approval flows on a user level, group level or project level. Use the app to take back control of your current approval flow.

Accurate Currency Conversion

Rydoo will convert all expenses into the currencies you’re working with in accounting. We update our conversion rates daily, so you’ll receive the correct rate based on the exact date of the given expense.

You Rydoo wherever your business travels.

What clients are saying

We always knew internally that there is something out there that would be better than Microsoft Dynamics to handle our expenses. Find out more.
Pierre Fauvel
Financial Controller
We wanted to free up people’s time. If they are in a restaurant, they can take a picture of their receipt and immediately send it for approval. Find out more.
Pierre Fauvel
Financial Controller

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