Digitize Receipts on The Go

Digitize your receipts using a mobile phone, webcam or email. All data will be extracted, so you’ll never have to type over receipts again.

Do nothing

All expenses are retrieved from your Rydoo account and analysed for eligible VAT receipts and invoices.

Automated VAT Reclaim

You get more VAT back, faster and with no hassle.

Changing the way we work


Why real-time expenses?

Because it saves you up to 70% on your expense processing costs every year and automates compliance checks.

Manual or outdated expense management processes does not only cost your company money, it creates frustrated employees that have to deal with valueless manual tasks and put your company at risk for fraud and errors.

business travel management

Why reclaim VAT on expenses?

Every year, 20 billion euros of unclaimed VAT are left on the table. Don’t you want your slice of the VAT back?

Get more VAT back

Cash Back VAT Reclaim has recovered more than €1 billion in VAT expenses for clients around the world and can help you get up to 40% more VAT back thanks to innovative technology and human intelligence.

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