Fully Automated and Integrated Mobile Platform

Our fully automated and integrated expense system makes it easy to upload, process and reimburse receipts while keeping everyone in process fully informed. This is crucial in understanding your companies spending habits, and in taking back control of spending. We do the hard work, and at the end of the month we generate a comprehensive overview of every detail.

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Easily Keep Track of Company Spending

In a time where transparency is more important than ever for companies, Rydoo makes it easy to stay informed and up to date, without needing to waste employee time creating incomprehensible expense sheets.  Find out how your Telco company can benefit from Rydoo by dropping us a line or see for yourself using our 14-day free trial. We’ll be on hand to help if you have any issues with our chat bots.


Save time with OCR Scanning

Rydoo makes uploading expense receipts faster and easier. Our OCR feature will automatically extract all the relevant info needed to process your receipt, such as the merchant, date of purchase, the currency, and the amount. Simply snap a picture via our app, upload an image or screenshot from your computer, or if you have a digital receipt, you can forward it to us and it will be added to your account. No manual input necessary – unless you want to of course.

Transparent Expense History

Take back control of your expenses with our activity overview centre. There you can review your timestamped and processed past receipts, along with the status of current expenses pending approval.

A Feature For The Techies (API)

Connect your finance, HR or other tools to Rydoo. The Rydoo API provides programmatic access and is organised around REST. Requests and response are sent using JSON and all API access is performed over HTTPS/TLS connections, so you should find it intuitive to integrate existing tools and systems. (See, we told you it was for the tech team…)

Chat & Email Support

We offer real-time support both in the mobile and web app via our integrated chat. Our customer success team will guide users through Rydoo and help out where needed, taking the slack off your very busy tech team on installation day.

You Rydoo wherever your business travels.


Smarter expenses in real-time.
All expenses on the go, automated policy checks and paperless – all fully integrated with your ERP.


Let’s you get down to business.
Your trip booked in seconds, instant policies overview and it’s all paid for you thanks to our central billing.

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Together is Better

From coffee receipts to business trips to NY, get the best possible experience by integrating Rydoo travel & expense. One platform to manage it all – Seamless flow, better insights, better control.

Over 1 million professionals worldwide are using Rydoo.