About VAT IT

VAT IT is at the centre of a massive and complex industry and has earned the reputation as the trusted and world’s leading service provider in tax reclaim and compliance.
Leveraging their proprietary software and cloud-based platforms, VAT IT delivers a premium service to over 13,000 clients which include multi-nationals and fortune 500 companies.

Key Features

Foreign VAT ( hotels, car rental, fuel, taxis, meals, mileage, etc) on T&E is claimed on international travel and entertainment expenses connected to business trips. Up to 25% of these T&E expenses can be claimed, adding considerable savings to a business.
Thanks to our partnership with VAT IT, our clients can enjoy several benefits:

  • Reduced resource requirements and increased cashflow – The VAT recovered from expenses will often offset or pay for the cost of their Rydoo annual subscription, resulting in a net neutral exercise.
  • They will have a fully automated expense and VAT reclaim process if you are both Rydoo and VAT IT customers – Data is pulled seamlessly and automatically through integration.
  • Full end-to-end transparency and compliance.



Calculate VAT savings

Use the VAT IT calculator below to see how much money your company can save by using our integration !

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