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How to save time, money, and energy on the road: 27 Best Business Travel Apps Taking to the road for work may be an adventure or a nuisance. It might be a nice ride or a protracted period of sorrow. We’ve created a list of business travel applications to make your life simpler, from navigating airports to finding the best eateries to locating the cleanest restrooms. Let technology take some of the headaches out of your trip so that you can get where you need to, with as little effort and stress as possible. As traveling takes so many forms and literally goes so many places, we’ve divided our apps into categories to make navigating this globe and article a little more palatable. We cover booking, organizing, flying, driving, staying, working, spending, and visiting in over 20 apps. Pick the business travel apps that best fit your needs and get going. 1. The Best Apps to Book Your Business Trip When you’re booking your travel, it’s always better to fly early or late, as there are fewer delays and these flights are noted as having an overall improved time performance. If you’re looking to save a few pennies, Tuesdays are the best day to book a flight, anywhere from 50-100 days before travel. Booking directly via the airline can result in a better chance of upgrades but sometimes are unwieldy and not inclined towards discounts. Discovering the best buys is simpler with aggregators to do all the digging for you. Here are two we love: Hipmunk While there are plenty of travel sites out there, Hipmunk is easily one of the best for booking both hotels and airports, which is especially convenient, as is its handy ability to sync with your calendar. You can search by typical features like price, layovers, even distance from the hotel to the airport, as well as an aptly named ‘agony’ tab that figures out the amount of stop over’s and length of the flight. Plus it includes atypical accommodation options such as home-stays and Airbnb for the more flexible or open-minded traveler. Link: RouteHappy If you have any say as to which airline you fly, then head over to Routehappy to discover which plane is the newest, has the best in-flight entertainment, wifi, and food options, as well as travel time and seating. Best of all, it includes fellow travelers’ ratings, which are far more honest about comfort than an airline ever will be. So you are not only buying a flight that makes your wallet happy but also hopefully, you. Link: 2. Three Stellar Apps to Keep Your Business Trip Organized Traveling can be overwhelming with all the various details to keep track of, from flight numbers, dates, and times to hotel reservations and rooms, not to mention all the items you have to bring with you like your passport, business credit cards, licenses, insurances, and more. In case of theft, it’s always a good idea to scan such important documents beforehand. Technology comes into its own, in this particular arena, filing, sorting, storing, and organizing on your behalf. Here are three different options to keep the chaos in check. Traxo If you’re a frequent business traveler who often uses similar brands for points or miles, Traxo is ideal for you. After inputting your airline and hotel membership information, everything is automatically uploaded to your itinerary every time your book a flight, hotel, or car. Easy peasy. Link: TripIt If traveling makes you feel like you’re drowning in details, simplify your life by letting TripIt take care of all the dirty work. By forwarding all your confirmation emails from any travel-related reservation including business meetings, TripIt will aggregate the appropriate information, and voila! You have one single itinerary for your phone that’s easy to share. Link: Sunrise If it’s not just the traveling that has you feeling swamped but the various appointments, meetings, and dates in your calendar, then Sunrise is an app that just might change your life. With a calendar and reminders app, you can view the day of the month, sync with a host of other calendars is available in multiple languages, and pretty much improve that whole static calendar thang. Link: 3. Flying Worry-Free with Three Great Business Travel Apps When it comes to business travel, coming and going via airplane tends to be the most common avenue, with its time-saving attributes. To further that time saving, invest in a durable carry-on that fits the TSA specs, so you no longer need to check-in. Not only will it save you in fees, but you can also roll away sans wait at the baggage claim, and as an added bonus you won’t have to lug a giant piece of luggage around. If your trip was a success and you’re on the homeward journey, feel free to bring a little bottle of our own booze. Turns out, it’s legal to bring liquid, even the inebriating kind, as long as the little cocktail is under the 3.4oz limit. Here are three apps that each offer a way to improve upon your flying experience. GateGuru If you’re getting a tight connection in the US and want to ensure you’re there in time, then put GateGuru to use, which gives you the lay of the land for the airport. But if you really want to put this app to use, it’s great for layovers, indicating where to pick up a book, hit the restroom, find an ATM or grab a drink. With a gate-by-gate list of conveniences, services, and restaurants, this app makes the passing time a lot more tolerable. It has a funky feature revealing how much time you’ve spent in airports and airplanes which can be inspiring or depressing, depending on your perspective. Link: Mobiata With gate changes, flight maps, and flight statuses, Flight Track Pro is your ticket to knowing what’s going on, as it’s happening. Available at over 4000 airports, this app tracks live flight data, plus can be easily shared, which is crucial for colleagues or family members waiting on your arrival. Link: Seatguru If you’ve ever made the mistake of booking a flight and finding yourself in the one row that doesn’t recline, you’ll fully appreciate Seatguru. This business travel apps helps indicate which seats are the best. For example, if there is rear deplaning, then heading to the back isn’t such a bad option. While it offers more services, this app is really best for finding the best and worst seats on the plane. Link: 4. Business Travel Apps to Make Hitting the Road Easy Once you’re at your location via train or plane and you need to get around via automobile, there are two options. Either take a taxi or rent a car. Each has its plusses and minuses but these apps help you make a better-informed decision. If you do decide to rent, forgo any GPS with their daily fees and simply put your phone to use, which is just as good. Taxis There are now a host of competing options offering similar services, namely, the ability to reserve a taxi in advance. The price and ease of use are what set each of these options apart but decide for yourself, which taxi-like service is best for you. Curb (formally Taximagic) uses only professional taxi drivers while uber and Lyft use regular old people, allowing for rideshares. Sidecar sells itself as being the least expensive option. Links:,,, Silvercar If you are going to rent, Silvercar might be the smoothest way to do it as this app reserves you a good looking silver Audi4 for the set price of either $89 (weekends) or $59 (weekdays) and to sweeten the deal, it’s delivered to you at via valet at the airport. Currently limited to nine major US cities, keep checking in to see if your destination offers this hassle-free, classy service. Link: Roadninja Once you’ve hit the highway, Road Ninja will help ensure that any rest stop along the way meets your standards. This app lists all the amenities available off of each exit of the highway. You can determine in advance where to get off for the vegetarian option or the bathroom offering changing tables and for any long haul adventures, it includes vital info like which gas stations are open all night long. Link: 5. A Great Night’s Sleep Thanks to These Business Travel Apps When it comes to laying down your head at night, make sure you score as many perks as possible simply by checking in late. That’s right. You’re more likely to get an upgrade if you show up later, as the hotel will have a better understanding of its vacancies. And before you reserve that room online, try calling the hotel first and talking the price down. Hotel rates can be negotiable up to 20% and there’s no harm in asking. When you do book the hotel, don’t be bashful about putting all your colleague’s rooms on your credit card. Either you can rack up points with your credit card or through a hotel’s frequent traveler program. As for finding which hotel to go to, these two apps will help you get a good night’s rest. Hoteltonight Hoteltonight sells last-minute inventory, which results in big savings for travelers willing to book on the same day of arrival – which happens if you forgot to book in advance, the trip is last minute or your original hotel is overbooked. From lux to budget, it offers just a handful of options, supposedly the best of each, but it does make the entire process pretty quick. Link: Stayful Another option is stayful, which is better if you don’t need to book with a particular brand, as this site only offers independent boutique hotels, ensuring a unique, more customized stay. Fight the man and go local. Link: 6. Getting the Job Done Well When Far From Home with Top Three Business Travel Apps So it’s not all fun and games on a work trip. Sometimes, most times, you really have to work. To ensure you can always stay in touch with the home office, consider investing in portable wifi. Relatively inexpensive,

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