As a Rydoo Partner, you will...


integrations-icon Enhance the value of our solutions into the same ecosystem.

netsuite-icon Have an exclusive entry way to our customers database.

 Increase your brand awareness and business opportunities

insights icon illustration Leverage targeted marketing support

Task force

Who we’ve partnered up with

Partners Visa Mastercard American Express

Finance and Accounting

Digitize and automate reimbursements and business cards transactions for a faster, stronger, and more reliable user experience.

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Automate and optimize your business travel hassle-free. Reduce the time spent managing business travel by automatically syncing your bookends with Rydoo and our travel partners. Save time and enhance the user experience!

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Human resources tools

Save time and keep all employees’ data up-to-date on Rydoo without the manual hassle. Users are automatically created or updated in Rydoo after adding them to your HR systems.

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VAT Recovery solutions

Let’s all agree – VAT recovery is a headache ! Well, it doesn’t have to be thanks to our VAT recovery partners. Unlock hidden VAT savings with a seamless process from receipt upload to VAT refund. Find refunds to increase cash flow for your business, including past expenses.

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