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Rydoo app phone scan receipt Prices to submit, wait approval, wait to be controlled, wait to be reported Trip Brussels - New York | Flight, Hotel, Rail, Uber and Amazon Choose between Hotels, Flights, Trains and Cars

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Approve trips expenses Warnings - Expense should have receipt. Dinner can not be more than €45 per person in France. Expense can not be older than one month. DOWN - Amount is less than 200 euro, per expense, per attendee. Expense is paid with a company card. Expense is during the work week. OK - Expense is auto approved.
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  • analise diagram icon Get the full picture
    Get all the insights you need to steer your company spend in the right direction. Create your own reports per project, per branch or per employee and take smarter decisions.
  • Graphics Data Icon Optimize your T&E policy based on data
    The difference between a good and a great T&E policy? Data. With the right insights, you spot the biggest costs with the blink of an eye. So you can start optimizing and stop any leaks.
  • money icon Negotiate your supplier rates based on data
    Find the favorite suppliers of your employees and negotiate your rates based on data. Optimize costs while guaranteeing your travelers' autonomy.
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