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Privacy Matters!

We strongly believe that your privacy is sacred. As an EU-based company, we are bound by GDPR – the General Data Protection Regulation. We regularly consult with different law firms to stay on top of things. Our Data Protection Officer, also keeps a close eye on all the data we process.

Rest assured, you and your data are safe with us. Our privacy policy describes when we collect your information, what we do with it and how we protect it.

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Physical Security

The Rydoo offices are all secured by keycard access. Confidential information like contracts are stored in closed spaces with only access for relevant personnel. No personal data is stored at the Rydoo offices.

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System Security

We have always-on protection against DDOS attacks. We also have antivirus programs, firewalls, separated virtual networks (DMZ) and more. We also encrypt our data, in transit as well as at rest.

Regular pen-tests performed are performed by our partner ZionSecurity (SecureLink)

Access Management

Employees that have access to our technology systems (frontend and backend) need to be authenticated via secure passwords and are logged at all times.

Before access is granted, employees undergo a clearance procedure and need to sign a confidentiality agreement regarding the Rydoo systems and user data. Access to data is restricted according to the role of the employee. Sales departments can only access commercial related matters and customer service can only interfere with customer permission. Development can only access application code after additional authentication.

Our personnel are bound by NDA-clauses. Information that is considered confidential by you or your employer is covered.

expense management

Data storage

We are a cloud solution. All of the data entered into our application is safely stored within the EU at our different hosting providers’ data centers. These providers are all ISO 27001 certified. Our database back-ups are restored daily and kept in a separate data center, of course also within the EU.

Over 1 million professionals worldwide are using Rydoo.