Smart expense management

Expense management software - Customisable policies

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Customisable policies

Configure spending controls, pre-define approval flows and automate expense reconciliation.

Expense management software - Receipt Scanner

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Easy scanning

Submit error-free expenses in just 10 seconds. Just snap a picture of the receipt and Rydoo will auto-populate the merchant, amount, date, VAT, country, and currency with 95%+ accuracy.

Expense management software - Instant approval - including Uber

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Instant approval

Approve expenses as they happen, access receipt copies, and follow up when needed to ensure policy adherence.

Expense management - Real-time reporting


Real-time reporting

Approve expenses as they happen, access receipt copies, and follow up when needed to ensure policy adherence.

Improved compliance

With Rydoo, finance teams can easily embed official tax, per diem,
and mileage figures in 80+ countries, helping our clients to stay compliant across locations.

Per diem management

Automate per diem calculations by using official rates and trip details to create compliant, efficient, and accurate allowances.

Mileage tracking - graph

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Mileage tracking

Create mileage entries through our Google-integrated map, approve submissions in real-time, and get full visibility of all the company’s trips

Centralised credit card transactions

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Automated reconciliation

Automatically create and match expenses from credit card transactions to minimise manual reviews and enhance accuracy. Alternatively, use our integrated Rydoo Expense Cards to eliminate the need for reconciliation altogether


Connected with your favourite systems

Rydoo integrates with 35+ Travel, HR, ERP, and accounting tools to enable full system synchronization.

Our software add-ons

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Expense cards

Smart virtual and physical cards for one-time and recurring spending.

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Rydoo Insights

Discover spending patterns and find cost-saving opportunities.

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Controlling services

Delegate expense reviews and approvals to our team of specialists.

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ERP connect

Tailored connections with your existing software infrastructure.

What our customers are saying

David Soulé

T&E manager @Sodexo

Now employees can see immediately when their expense is declined or their travel booking is not in compliance with policy. Thanks to the fact that our employees are now much better acquainted with our internal rules, we also expect a self-saving effect over time.

René Gotza

Financial Controller @Burger King

The transparency went from zero to 100%. Before Rydoo, when I wanted to check one receipt, I had to go to the folder in the office. Now, I go into the Rydoo app when I’m working from home and just open the receipt.

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