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Complete control of your expenses

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Set your own spending limits, create warnings for out-of-policy expenses and automate expense approvals. Policies let you reduce your approver’s workload without losing grip on incoming claims.

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Understand where your company is overspending, where the bottlenecks are situated or which partnership opportunities are waiting to be exploited. Insights deliver you all data you need to steer your company spend in the right direction.

Built-in local compliance

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Per diem management

Set your custom daily allowance rates or simply upload your jurisdiction’s default ones and see them pop up automatically for your travellers. Per Diem take into account particularities of over twenty jurisdictions and reduces manual workload to just a few clicks.

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Mileage tracking

Upload your company’s mileage rates and see them appear as your travellers drive. Mileages let your employees create their trip through our integrated map service and calculates the total driving distance and expense amount immediately.

Handle expenses in real-time

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Receipt scanner

Let your employees scan their receipts as they incur them with our mobile app. Easy Scan’s technology will extract all key data, such as the date, merchant, amount and currency and transform it into searchable and useable data.

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Real-time expensing

Stop blocking work hours merely to approve or check a stack of expense reports. Line-by-line expensing allows you to regain control over your work planning, as you choose when and where to check incoming expenses. You’re right, that means no more end-of-the-month peaks.

We integrate with all your favourite work tools

Our add-ons

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All insights to steer your company in the right direction.

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Controlling services

Let our team of experts double-check your company’s expense claims.

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Netsuite Connect

Tailored connections with your existing software infrastructure.

What our users are saying

Alessandra M.

I scan the receipt and when I open the app, BOOM, it's there and I just have to fill out a few quick details and it does the rest.

Carlos B.

It's an easy way to create and review expense reports. No need to keep paper receipts which always get lost anyway.

Julia K.

Rydoo works extremely well, both in terms of attachments forwarded by mail as well as expenses created through the app.

Paulo M.

The automated OCR makes scanning receipts super easy. And with it’s smooth design, the app is great to use.

Maria S.

When you take a picture, the OCR fills in most of the fields. Just a short comment to justify the meal (if needed), and the report is done! And all before you've even left the restaurant!

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