End-to-end simplicity for employees


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Request a Card

A user requests a physical or virtual card and their manager approves it.


Make purchase

Make a purchase

Every time a card is used, Rydoo creates a matching expense in real time.


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Add a receipt

The user adds a receipt to the expense by scanning it with the Rydoo app.


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That’s it

No more action needed! The user can go about their day and do what they do best.


Control and flexibility for finance teams

Rydoo Expense Cards - unparalleled control

Preventive control

Manage all your cards, from activation to deactivation and everything in between directly from the Rydoo dashboard. Set company-wide controls, define custom limits for each expense card, and adjust them whenever required.

Rydoo Expense cards - multi-entity support

Multi-entity support

Create individual wallets for branches, teams, or projects to better manage funds and budgets, all centralised in one tool.

Rydoo expense cards - automated expense creation - 2024

Automated expense creation

Every time an employee makes a purchase with a Rydoo card, the matching expense is created automatically.

Rydoo expense cards - real-time visibility

Real-time visibility

Get an always-updated view of all your expenses and balances, see all card transactions in real-time, and drill down to specific purchases when you need more details.

What clients are saying

Bertrand Grietens

Finance and Human Resources Officer @ Fern

With the introduction of Rydoo cards, we have been able to save both time and money. The tedious task of manually adding expenses and reconciling them with bank statements is now a thing of the past!