Easy Scan

When scanning receipts becomes a breeze

State-of-the-art technology

With its embedded artificial intelligence and machine learning, our Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology is already able to read out 95% of all receipts flawlessly. Simply hold your phone over the receipt and click, our technology does all the rest.


Single or Multi-page receipt scanning

Need to scan multiple pages for one single expense? Or simply need a quick solution for your single-page receipts? Don’t worry, Rydoo offers both. How ever large they are, scan and submit your expenses in no time.

Linked Accounts

Easy Scan for assistants

Link one account to another, so personal assistants can scan and submit expenses on behalf of their managers. Make submitting expenses the most efficient process in your company.

Same treatment for electronic receipts

Didn’t get a paper receipt? Great news! Rydoo’s OCR works just the same for electronic receipts. Simply forward your electronic receipt with your work e-mail and see your expense magically appear in your app. Go paperless!

Want to know more?

Over 1 million professionals across 195 countries are using Rydoo.