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This is why employee happiness is the most important KPI for a company

Keeping your employees motivated and having a good workplace environment is a condition for growth. Our CEO Sebastien Marchon explains why.

Three months in the life of a Rydoo Intern

From the first visit to the office to saying goodbye to the team, our marketing intern, Lizzi, had a lot to share about her experience as a Rydoo intern.

Putting Customers First: How Our Customer Success Team Crushes It

This blog discusses the importance of customer success for Rydoo’s growth. We highlight the different roles within the customer success team — onboarding, success, and support — and how they work together to keep customers happy and coming back.

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Project Sus. This is how Rydoo is helping to save the world

We’ve caught up to the sustainability train to reduce gas emissions by reaching net-zero gas emissions by 2025. Find out how we’re doing it.

Compliant at all times: meet Rydoo's Compliance Centre

Compliance can be a complex topic, especially for global companies. What if you could find all of the information you need to stay compliant in one place?

8 Reasons Why Lisbon Is A Top Tech City for Developers To Live In

Are you in tech and looking to live in the next big tech city? Then look no further … Lisbon is the tech city for any developer to settle down in. Find out why!

Experience Life Abroad with Rydoo’s Mobility Program

Travel through Product Designer Mick Truyts’s story and learn about his experience moving from #Mechelen to #Lisbon with the mobility program.

Rydoo has a new brand identity - and here's the story behind it

Rydoo unveils a new brand identity. In this blog, you will learn about the story and behind the scenes of the rebranding, as well as what to expect next.

How remote working improves work/life balance at Rydoo

With remote working high on the business agenda, we spoke to a couple of our key people about how it has helped them with their work/life balance

It’s a Match: Rydoo’s Expense Management Love Stories

Read some of Rydoo’s most beloved success stories and learn how companies like Mazars, Burger King, and Arjo transform their expense management with Rydoo.

Rydoo's 1 Million Users Journey

Rydoo reached 1 million users. We talked to 4 Rydoo-ers who followed this journey closely from the beginning. Read more.

Why we redesigned our Travel & Expenses App using Flutter

We made the decision to completely rewrite our mobile app using Flutter. Now that all the pieces of the puzzle are falling into place, I’d like to zoom out on what has happened in the past few months.

Account Executive at Rydoo: Diego Caldara

Interested in joining Rydoo as an Account Executive? We talk with Diego Caldara, an AE for the DACH and Italy market based out of Rydoo’s Paris office to hear his perspective.

Before & After Rydoo: Based on a true story

Thanks to our customers’ success stories we discovered how different their expense management process is now thanks to Rydoo.

Senior Back-end Developer Spotlight: Tom Ceulemans

Tom is a senior core developer and has really seen Rydoo grew and mature over the years. He’s been apart of this ride since 2016.

4 Hacks to Crush It as a SaaS Account Executive During COVID-19

In times of crisis, it is common to see the sales in many businesses drop and companies become more strict when it comes to spending. But in the business world, the show can’t stop. Meet 3 Rydoo Account Executives that are prospering in times of adversity.

My Rydoo Internship: The Corp-up Way

See why now is the moment to make the career switch and focus on building a long lasting career in the SaaS industry and post COVID-19

Rydoo Turns 2!

Rydoo turns 2 and what a journey it has been these last 2 years! So many things have happened since our new company started on June 5, 2018! Look at what we have accomplished!

Grow Within the SaaS Industry: Change Careers Now

See why now is the moment to make the career switch and focus on building a long lasting career in the SaaS industry and post COVID-19

Going 100% Remote: Our Story

We decided to share our story with you. A story of how Rydoo managed to go 100% remote, embracing technology and all the changes it brought to our business structure in all departments.

2020 best customer stories

Our 2020 customers’ success stories: Resilience, forward-thinking, and commitment to employees. Bye bye expense reports!

Rydoo Today - 1st Anniversary Achievements

Today Rydoo is exactly one year old! A lot of things have happened since our new company saw the light on June 5th one year ago. Time for a quick recap.

Why Rydoo's pricing model works for everyone

If you’re looking for a great alternative to your current expense management tool, it’s important to focus on how its benefits will help your company — but that’s not all that matters. Pricing is also a critical factor in this equation, especially when you’re deploying the tool to a large

Product Manager Spotlight: Agnieszka Jakubiec

Curious what it is like to be a Product Manager at Rydoo? We sat down with Hotel Travel Product Manager – Agnieszka Jakubiec and got the inside scoop from her.

Sales Development Representative Spotlight: Michelle Merkl

What makes being an SDR at Rydoo different than at other companies? We sit down with Michelle Merkl, a Sales Development Representative for the DACH market based out of Rydoo’s Lisbon office to hear her perspective.

Digital Marketing Director Spotlight: Charlotte Driessen

Charlotte Driessen, Rydoo’s Digital Marketing Director gives us her perspective on what it’s like to be in charge of bringing in 70% of Rydoo’s new business revenue through strategic inbound marketing efforts.

Customer Success Manager Spotlight: Geline Dominguez

Does client satisfaction run through your veins?! Then CSM might be the career path for you. Geline Dominguez, a CSM from our Manila office gives us her perspective on what it’s like to care for our clients at Rydoo.