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Expense app - Accurate expensine - Less than 20 seconds

Accurate expensing in under 20 seconds

Rydoo uses AI to scan receipts and auto-populate the merchant, amount, date, currency, country, and tax rate with 95%+ accuracy. After scanning, users only need to categorise the purchase and submit the expense.

Expense app - Review instantly - Uber

Review expenses instantly

Managers can review and approve expenses as they happen, access digital receipts, and follow up when needed to ensure policy adherence and speed up reimbursements.

Expense app - Mileage tracking - Map

Simplify mileage tracking

Users only need to mark their trip’s starting and ending points on our Google-integrated map, and the Rydoo app will calculate the reimbursement amount based on official rates.

Expense app - Automate per diem calculation

Automate Per Diem calculation

The Rydoo app enables travellers to input the trip’s details, highlight non-incurred expenses, and submit the Per Diem for approval. The Rydoo app does the rest.

Hear it from our users

Alessandra M.

I scan the receipt and when I open the app, BOOM, it’s there and I just have to fill out a few quick details and it does the rest.

Carlos B.

It’s an easy way to create and review expense reports. No need to keep paper receipts which always get lost anyway.

Julia K.

Rydoo works extremely well, both in terms of attachments forwarded by mail as well as expenses created through the app.

Paul M.

The automated OCR makes scanning receipts super easy. And with it’s smooth design, the app is great to use.

Maria S.

When you take a picture, the OCR fills in most of the fields. Just a short comment to justify the meal (if needed), and the report is done! And all before you’ve even left the restaurant!

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