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for up to 50 active users
Track your expenses.
All core features to get a head start
Monthly per active user
Billed annually - min 5 active users
  • Easy Scan
  • Drive
  • Approval Flow


for 50+ active users
Manage your approvals.
Get more grip on your expense flows.
Monthly per active user
Billed annually (or 10 billed monthly)
  • Policies
  • Per Diems
  • Unlimited Branches


for 500+ active users
Integrate with your own infrastructure.
Complex needs deserve closer attention
contact us
  • Direct Bank Transaction Feed
  • ERP Integrations
  • API Access


Enjoy the best of travel including the simplicity of one single invoice.


Let our experts doublecheck your expenses and save valuable time for your employees.

Seven days a week, without any exceptions. Discover our controlling services.

Standard feature packages included in all plans

  • Approval flow
  • Mail & chat support
  • OCR scanning
  • Mileage expenses
  • Multi-currency conversion
  • Detection of duplicate expenses
  • Cost center allocation
  • Trip allocation
  • Project allocation
  • Multi-languages
  • Auto VAT calculation
  • CSV & PDF transactions upload
  • Cash advances
  • User permissions

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Recommended for
Teams - max 50 active users
DIY for the digitally savvy admin
Growth companies - max 100 active users
With a little help from our Customer Success Team.
Growth companies - over 100 active users
With full support from our Customer Success Team
Enterprise companies - over 500 active users
Fully customized support for complex needs.
Onboarding support
Customer Success Manager
Onboarding time
3 months priority chat + welcome materials
Not dedicated
1-3 months
10 hours live support
1 - 3 months
30 hours live support
2 - 6 months
Within project
Project team
3 - 8 months
Travel onboarding support
8 hours (optional)
Within project
Onboarding support
Data Integration
Post-onboarding support/approach
Step-by-step guide
Priority chat
Step-by-step guide 
+4 hours live support
4 hours live support + chat support afterwards
Dedicated live support
Project approach

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Most frequently asked questions

Can I cancel my monthly subscription?

Yes, you are free to cancel each month. Your subscription will not be automatically renewed after cancellation.

Where is my data held? Is it secure?

All data is stored in the European Union, and is stored in line with the regulations of the European Data Protection Directive designed to protect the privacy and protection of all personal data (Directive 95/45/EC). Data is kept for over 10 years and we back up all data across our multiple data centers.

Do I have to pay for all users?

No, Rydoo charges only per "active" user and you can control who is active or inactive. The price per user depends on your chosen plan: Team, Growth or Enterprises and billing cycle: Monthly or Annually. All plans allow you to test drive the product before you start (with no credit card required). Additional users can be added from your admin settings.

Is there a limit of users for each plan?

All the Rydoo plans start at a minimum of 5 users but there is no limit on how many people are allowed per plan. Pick the plan according to the features you need.

Can anyone apply for central billing?

By default, you are able to pay for all your bookings by credit card. If you wish to apply for central billing, that is also an option. You will need to undergo a credit check from our finance teams. If all is OK, central billing will be granted. If you wish to have more details, reach out to our sales team here.

Do I have access to low cost fares?

Yes, by using Rydoo, you will have access to all flights from low cost to premium.

What hotel content do you offer?

We offer hotels from our database but also, Amadeus, Travelport, Travelfusion, Expedia, Booking.com, Reservit, Availpro, Travco, content inn, gta, hotelbeds, Go Global, cityzen, totalstay and some more.

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