Meet our experts

Aidana Zhakupbekova


“Today is the best time to be a woman in any field, and not just in finance. It’s not perfect but, historically, we are in the best spot so far.”

Sebastien Marchon


“In the ever-evolving financial landscape, sustainable growth and profitability are kings, but the allure of disruption is real.”

Joe Healy

@TaxBack International

“The advent of expense management systems was an absolute game changer for VAT reclaim.”

Roy Hefer


“Being a CFO is about becoming an advisor and thought-partner to the extended leadership team to help achieve their goals and drive impact.”

Rui Lourenço

Innovation Manager
@Jerónimo Martins

“Doing expense management manually was not keeping up with the technological evolution of other financial processes.”

Danielle Keeven

Former VP of Finance

“When finance is your biggest audience, having a finance person lead the conversation will make them connect over things that are important them.”

Pleun Opperman


“Leaders need to have full transparency and the opportunity to share their issues and the things that they want to see happen in the future.”

Damon Fletcher

Former CFO

“Your experience level as a CFO and having a customer perspective for your sales leaders can be a valuable tool to help evaluate their strategy.”

Seb Vanhecke

Chief Product Officer

“Banking-as-a-service has been taking huge steps and is bringing a new wave of innovation to the expense management industry.”