Whether you’re commuting, cooking, working or even waiting for your friends to arrive for dinner, podcasts can be the best way to entertain yourself. They had an exponential growth worldwide, especially in the US, and some people refer to these last few years as The Golden Podcast Age, a parallel to the radio boost that happened around the 1930s.

This new wave of audio online media is vast, and numerous platforms are already capitalizing on it by investing in and generating their own content. The iPhone comes with a Podcast app by default, Google developed Google Play Music for Androids, and Spotify witnessed a 175% increase in podcast listening in 2020.

We want you to be ahead of the curve, so if you’re into podcasts and finance, we’ve selected the best Fintech and Corporate Finance Podcasts that you cannot miss.

Financial Feminist

Tori Dunlap, investor, entrepreneur and creator of the financial education company Her First 100k, launched her podcast, Financial Feminist, in May 2021. In each episode — dropped every Tuesday —, Tori shares her expertise on how to make more, spend less and feel “financially confident in a world run by rich white men”.

Kate Wood for NewWallet, TikTok sensation Corporate Natalie and actor Justin Baldoni have been some of the guests featured on her podcast, where Tori aims to help people get the resources they need to gain financial freedom, just like she did at the age of 25.

Fintech Insiders

Fintech Insiders is “The #1 business podcast for fintech innovators, influencers, and those eager to learn”, according to its hosts. David Brear, Leda Glyptis, Simon Taylor, Sarah Kocianski and Jason Bates, among others, welcome their guests and discuss a variety of topics from technology and fintech to financial services and banking in this weekly podcast.

Planet Money

This awarded finance podcast has been creating new episodes for over 10 years. Fintech, banking, money-related issues, and payments are some of the discussed topics that help the listeners stay ahead of the curve when it comes to finance. Planet Money is hosted by Robert Smith, Stacey Vanek Smith, Noel King, Kenny Malone, Cardiff Garcia, Jacob Goldstein, and Ailsa Chang who launch two new episodes a week. You’ll never run out of entertainment!

Fintech Beat

Chris Brummer is the host of Fintech Beat and he brings all his expertise as a Georgetown University Professor to explore a variety of themes that bind together technology, finance, regulation, and policy. As a fintech expert, Brummer welcomes important guests and creates interesting discussions with insightful thoughts for anyone who’s interested in finance.

A studio where a finance podcast was recorded live

Wharton Fintech

Founded by the first student-led FinTech initiative, Wharton Fintech has an innovative approach to discussing topics and trends related to the financial world. Amongst the panel of hosts you’ll find passionate students as well as investors and founders whose goal is to establish a connection between students, fintech enterprises, and industry professionals through relevant discussions.

Morgan Stanley Ideas

The Morgan Stanley Ideas Podcast “brings you revealing stories about the world of business, finance, technology and beyond”. With inviting storytelling and deep discussions about the financial world, this short format finance podcast attracts listeners from all over the world. Each episode tackles interesting questions about FinTech and involves listeners with enriching discussions.

Financial Modeling

Matthew Bernath is the host of The Financial Modeling. From model audition and automation to machine learning and AI, this finance podcast is a “must” if you’re a Fintech lover. The show consists of interviews with expert guests, led by Bernath, who discusses the latest trends and investigates the future of financial modeling and the possible changes that automation and AI will disrupt next.