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Table of contents


An employer in Denmark can reimburse employees for using a personal vehicle for business journeys. An example of a business journey is driving to a client’s office for a client visit.

There are maximum mileage allowances that employers can reimburse tax free.

The following rates apply:

First 20,000 km of the year Above the 20,000 km within the year
Car or motorcycle 2023 DKK 3,73 per km DKK 2,19 per km
2024 DKK 3,79 per km DKK 2,23 per km
Bike or scooter 2023 DKK 0,61 per km DKK 0,61 per km
2024 DKK 0,62 per km DKK 0,62 per km


You can pay your employees more than these maximum amounts, however, the excess will be considered taxable income. If you pay less than these amounts, reimbursement is tax-free.

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Learn how you can apply these mileage rates in your Rydoo account here.

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