Expense compliance - Accurate per-diem management

Calculate accurate per diem automatically

Rydoo automates per diem calculations using travel data such as location and dates, resulting in efficient and accurate entries. Travellers only need to input the trip’s details and submit the per diem for approval; our app handles the rest.

Expense Compliance - Go fully paperless

Go fully paperless

With Rydoo, employees can submit expenses on the go and in real-time, eliminating the need to store physical receipts. Rydoo is ready to enable seamless paperless transitions in Germany (IDW PS 880 certified), Spain, France, Portugal, Belgium, and more.

Expense compliance - Travel vat automatically

Reclaim travel VAT automatically

Rydoo integrates with the VAT recovery systems Blue Dot, VAT Reclaim, 60dias, DevoluIVA, and TaxBack International, enabling clients to fully automate their VAT reclaim process.

Expense compliance - Mileage in seconds

Report mileage in seconds

Rydoo offers in-app mileage tracking and reporting. Users only need to mark the starting and ending points of their trip using our Google Maps integrated app and submit the entry for approval.

Expense compliance - Policy adoption

Increase policy adoption

Our onboarding experts collaborate with clients to create or revise their expense policies to increase adherence and reduce friction. We use best practices and lessons learned from thousands of implementations and tailor them to our client’s needs.

What our clients say

Kerstin Hainke

Head of Finance @Fritz Kola

Rydoo is uncomplicated and self-explanatory. While competitors work with rather bulky tiles, Rydoo is agile and intuitive. In addition, the cost-benefit calculation was right.

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