We make managing per diems a pleasure

Country region rates - France, Poland, Germany, Portugal

Country- or region-specific rates, pre-set in your account

With just a few clicks, you can import a predefined list of per diems for specific countries.

Travellers transparency

More transparency for your travellers

Automatic calculation of your travellers’ per diem allowance, based on their trip details. Have them submit with one simple tap and take away all worries about reimbursement.

Compliance worries controllers - Portugal

No more compliance worries for controllers

Stay compliant with your local regulations, by adding per diem lists to your account. With Rydoo’s Per Diem module, you can set different rates for departure and arrival date, create specific rules for multi-leg trips, deduct complementary meals or extras from your total allowance, and so much more.

What clients are saying


Marisa W. - Operations Manager

Educating employees on the rules of a different country can be challenging, especially when dealing with complex regulations such as German per diems. Rydoo’s built-in per diem module is really incredible. Now we simply tell employees use the app to create their trip and everything will be calculated for them.

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Innogy Consulting

Jens Sikorski - Consultant

Before Rydoo, we had to create a trip within the platform we were using, enter the cost fields and values from the receipt ourselves, cross-check compliance with our policies and per diems rules manually, print it, attach the original receipts to it and send it via post to our auditor, who then re-checked and archived it. Now, all we’re talking about is a few clicks on a smartphone.

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