Per diem management official country rates

Official country rates

Mitigate legal risks and save valuable time by swiftly importing official Per Diem rates from our proprietary database of 80+ countries.

Per diem management automated calculation

Automated Per Diem calculation

Increase policy adherence by simplifying the reporting process. Travellers only need to input the trip’s details, highlight non-incurred expenses, and submit the Per Diem for approval. The Rydoo app does the rest.

Per diem management - Customisable budgets

Customisable budgets

Optimise budget control by setting partial Per Diem rates for departure and arrival dates, creating custom rules for multi-leg trips, or subtracting any free meals and perks from the allowance.

What our clients say

Pleun Opperman

CEO @Parakar

Rydoo’s built-in per diem module is incredible – now we just tell employees to use the app to create their journey and everything is calculated for them.

Jens Sikorski

Innogy Consulting

Before Rydoo, we had to create a trip in our old platform, enter the cost fields and values from the receipts, manually cross-check compliance with our policies and Per diem rules, print it, attach it, and mail it for audit. Now with Rydoo, all it takes is a few clicks on a smartphone

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