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What is paperless expensing?
Paperless expensing means digitising receipts and disposing of paper copies, when local laws allow it. This enhances processing efficiency, reduces errors, increases transparency, and reduces paper usage.

Is paperless expensing legal?
Regulations and requirements for paperless finance vary between countries. Certain countries mandate permission or authorisation for companies to switch to digital systems, while others require specific formats for the storage of digital receipts.

Compliant Paperless Expensing - Illustration

How can my company start with paperless expensing?
Adopting a digital expensing solution such as Rydoo will allow your organization to digitize receipts with a +95% accuracy and under 20 seconds, making paperless transitions much simpler, efficient, and compliant.

Important: This website is for general information only. Always check with your local tax authority before starting your paperless transition, as there may be unique factors to consider for your company.

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