Automated expense approvals - Customisable spend rules

Customisable spend rules

Configure approval workflows based on your company’s policies to automate the approval of the bulk of submissions and focus only on the expenses that deserve attention.

Automated expense approvals - Policy warnings

Policy warnings

Rydoo warns users of potentially non-compliant expenses before submission and highlights these to the approver and finance team to ensure proper handling.

Expense approvals - Post sending control - Photo

Post-spending control

Finance teams can analyse company spending to uncover patterns, and potential loopholes, enabling them to quickly adapt their policy settings to mitigate future risks.

What our clients say

Sodexo Group

David S - Travel & Expense Manager

Rydoo is such a big improvement. The platform finally made it possible to actually implement a travel & expense policy and to make sure it is followed.


Corinne M

IS Senior Business Lead Finance


Rydoo’s automated expense approvals have actually made it possible for our company to apply our internal policy rules to the expense flows. Today, our line managers only get to approve the expenses that either exceed a specific threshold, that are older than six months or flagged as missing a receipt. Rydoo’s automated expense approvals have helped us so much to detect fraud at an early stage and to save our managers precious time.


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