Regulations on record keeping in Switzerland

In Switzerland, numerous different laws and regulations require that records should be retained in electronic form. The Swiss Code of Obligations (article 958f) states that accounting books and records need to be kept for 10 years (starting as of the fiscal year-end). This can also be in an electronic form, provided that access can be guaranteed at all times.

Non-modifiable electronic data

The Ordinance on Keeping and Retaining Accounting records (GeBüV) sets several more specific requirements. Article 9 stipulates that electronic data is permitted, with no additional requirements, as long as it is non-modifiable. Non-modifiable means that it cannot be altered or deleted without such changes being detectable on the electronic data carrier itself. The records should be available for audits and inspections within a reasonable period. The records should therefore also be legible.

Modifiable electronic data

According to the Ordinance, modifiable data carriers are permitted subject to certain conditions. In such cases, technical procedures, such as electronic signatures, must be used to ensure the integrity of the recorded information. The time at which the information was recorded must be verifiable without any possibility of falsification (e.g. by time stamping). Information such as protocols, log files, etc. must also be retained.

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