About Exact

Exact is a Dutch software company that offers accounting, ERP, and other software for small and medium enterprises. Exact develops cloud-based and on-premises software for industries such as accountancy, wholesale distribution, professional services, and manufacturing, serving more than 500,000 companies.


Key features

Access chart of accounts, projects, VAT rates, and more simply by connecting your current Exact Online account to your Rydoo account:

  • Automate processes and save hours on data entry.
  • Synchronise expenses with categories and cost centers and gain more visibility.

How it works

Connecting Exact Online to Rydoo is easy. Simply click “Sign in to integrate” and you’re all done.
As soon as expenses are imported and linked to the right projects, they are automatically exported into your Exact system.

You can streamline your financial, controlling, and accounting processes, minimise operational costs and improve your business efficiency by ensuring the correct accounting booking at the right time.