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Spot anomalies in the blink of an eye

Where is your company overspending? How many expense claims were not compliant with your company policy? Where are the bottlenecks situated? Get answers to your most pressing questions, so you can start optimising today.

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Identify new cost-saving opportunities

Discover great partnership opportunities with top merchants and re-negotiate your deals. Only data can give you the leverage you need to really reduce costs.

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Forecast upcoming expenses with precision

Rydoo Insights will predict your upcoming expense claims based on past experiences. From now on, you’ll make correcter accruals, more precise budgeting and have less surprises overall.

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What our customers are saying

Deloitte Belgium

Cindy Peeters - Finance Director

Thanks to Rydoo we know how much we spent on a certain project or client much faster.

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Marisa Werle - Operations Manager

I stumbled upon several expense management solutions and I fell in love with Rydoo – probably because I could instantly see that it was developed with the complexity of our beloved Europe in mind.

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Pierre Fauvel - Financial Controller

The main challenge was the phased roll-out, we had to train some approvers whose country was not yet deployed but managers were excited about seeing the tool before it was released in their country.

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