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How does it work?


Insights to expense trends and opportunities are always available, making it easy to pull reports and form accurate forecasts. Automating and transforming your expense process will empower your accounts team and give them more time to focus on value adding tasks. It takes care of the time-consuming tasks, so you don’t have to, giving you more overview and control.

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Control your workload

Approve expenses when and where it suits you and spread the workload of processing all submitted expense reports over the month to avoid workload peaks. Checks are automatically performed in real time. If there are any alerts, you can double-check those.

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Reduce errors and fraud

No more debates about the latest rules. Rydoo embodies your expense policy. Any company policy violations will be flagged across the whole approval flow.

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Predictable expense forecast

Don’t wait for all the expense reports to be submitted at the end of the month (if you’re lucky). Obtain a real-time view of expenses in your company. How many expenses? Which amounts? Accurate data allows you to forecast properly and manage your cashflows better.

What clients are saying

NEC Brazil

Clarice O. - Treasurer

Before Rydoo, we were using physical documents and manual signatures and were actually paying a company to store all of these. But now we don’t need to spend money on storage anymore. Rydoo has all of the original copies saved as PDF, which means we can easily present them when necessary.

Miele Belgium & Luxembourg

Jean-Marie V - Director of Finance & Operations

Rydoo was exactly the solution we were looking for: simple, clear and most importantly paperless. So we decided to give it a try. That was five years ago.


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