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For Employees

 Submit expenses in seconds

 No more paper receipts or expense reports

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For Managers

No need to manually check every expense

 Swipe to approve expenses on-the-go

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For Finance teams

 No end-of-month workload peaks

 Real-time visibility on employee spend

Expensing efficiency - less than 20s

Expense in less than 20 seconds

With the Rydoo app, users can submit error-free expenses in under 20 seconds – the fastest on the market. Just snap a picture of the receipt and our OCR technology will auto-populate key receipt information with 95%+ accuracy.

Expensing efficiency - approve on the go - Uber - 2024

Review and approve on the go

With Rydoo, finance teams and managers can approve or reject expenses directly from the app. Just open Rydoo, review the expense and digital copy of the receipt, and swipe to approve.

Expensing efficiency - Real-time-visibility

Get real-time visibility

Finance teams get a flexible and intuitive control dashboard that empowers them to see all spending activity as it happens, detect irregularities and follow up quickly.

What our clients say

René Gotza

Financial Controller @Burger King

Before we used Rydoo, our accountancy team took two to three days to check bookings for travel expenses, because everything was manual. Now, we spend two to four hours in finance just checking those expenses, so we have a time saving of around 80%.

Kerstin Hainke

Head of Finance @Fritz Kola

Rydoo is uncomplicated and self-explanatory. While competitors work with rather bulky tiles, Rydoo is agile and intuitive. In addition, the cost-benefit calculation was right.

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