How we make it fast

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Go fully mobile

Don’t hoard receipts anymore, just snap a picture of them when you get them. Our technology extracts all relevant information and stores it securely for years. Retrieve your receipt whenever you need it.

Expense in under 20 seconds

With Rydoo we’ve proven that you can submit an expense in 16 seconds flat – the fastest on the market.

How we make it easy

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No training

Our platform is so easy to use, we’ve had clients start to use it with no training at all. Our designers focus on how the user will interpret and use the platform and make sure everything is super intuitive so everyone can use it with little to no explanation.

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One smooth flow

For a lot of your transactions, you don’t even need to do anything. Expenses paid for with your credit card are automatically matched and processed. Didn’t get a paper receipt? Simply forward your electronic receipt with your business email and see the expense appear in the app. Rydoo helps you manage your expenses with most common business suppliers like Uber, Lyft, etc. seamlessly and automatically.

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A tool employees love

Yes, we get it. Expense management is never fun, but Rydoo makes the process as fast, easy, and painless as possible. Don’t take our word for it – check out our ratings in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, or ask about our Net Promoter Score.


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