Expense reports slow you down

Companies cannot afford to be ineffective. Expense reports are time-consuming, prone to errors and keep employees from delivering real value to the organisation. Why would you bring analogue problems into the digital age?


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A smarter way to manage expenses

Rydoo combines a user-friendly experience and mobile convenience with AI capabilities to seamlessly submit and manage expenses.


Concur alternative - Expense


Capture all type of expenses in real-time with the Rydoo app. Each transaction becomes an expense.

Concur alternative - Approve


Review claims instantly and with one tap, set automated controls and AI monitoring to increase compliance and productivity.

Concur alternative - Control and report


Perform additional checks, follow up as required, and sync expenses with your ERP, payments, and reimbursement systems.

3 reasons to replace expense reports with Rydoo

1. Expense 6x faster

With Rydoo, employees can submit multiple types of expenses in just 10 seconds — that’s 6 times faster than with report-based systems. Managers can also prevent work from piling up by instantly reviewing and approving expense claims wherever they are.

2. Monitor spending in real-time

Rydoo leverages AI and and real-time analytics to identify trends and detect policy breaches, empowering finance teams with complete visibility and control over employee spending. This allows your team to make decisions based on current data and act with agility.

3. Manage expenses your way

Rydoo equips finance teams with a fully customisable platform that adapts to the way they work. This includes configurable controls, flexible expense processing flows, and custom analytics so they can get things done, their way.

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Who is Rydoo for?







Multinational companies

Whether your company operates in 3 or 50 countries, we provide your team with the compliance, language capabilities and scalability needed to transform expensing wherever you conduct business.


Dynamic businesses

Rydoo is designed for companies that value agility and recognise the importance of maximising time and talent. Our platform enables employees, approvers, and finance teams to handle expenses efficiently and quickly get back to what matters most.












Scaling companies

If you are looking for an expense solution that seamlessly grows with your business, then you’ve come to the right place. With Rydoo, you can adjust usage as needed, ensuring you only pay for active users rather than wasting money on idle licenses.

Results you can measure

A leading strategy consultancy conducted a side-by-side comparative analysis to assess the time savings and ROI of Rydoo against legacy expense systems. These are the main findings:


Hours saved per year


Productivity gains


Recurring ROI


Months to pay back the investment

Based on an analysis for a Professional Services company with 12,000 active users, under Rydoo’s Enterprise plan.

Achieve a complete transformation with a single platform

Smart expensing technology




& Advisory



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+8000 employees

“We found that we are now 80% more efficient in processing expenses. We estimate that Rydoo saves us approximately 530 working days each year compared to the analogue process. We allocate these hours to special projects and strategic initiatives.”

Jasmin Zuercher

HR Digitalisation & Process Manager @ SWISS

80 percent

Increase in expense processing efficiency

More than 2800 - icon-number

Hours saved every year

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years with Rydoo

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