About Sage

Sage is the market leader for integrated accounting, payroll, and payment systems, supporting the ambition of the world’s entrepreneurs. Sage is trusted by millions of customers worldwide to deliver the best cloud technology and support with partners to manage finances, operations, and people.

Key features

Simplify your expenses overview with the Sage integration:

  • Rule out human error: By having a completely computerised method of storing all of your financial information, you rule out the risk of human error, such as jotting down the wrong figures or misplacing information.
  • Financial Information in Real Time: You can access your account, see all transactions, view, update and regulate your accounting information and your cash flow in real time.
  • High Security: Hosted on the cloud, all security measures are taken care of and steps are taken to ensure that your data is safe using third-party audits, data encryption technologies, backup power supplies and firewalls.
  • Save Time: Data entry can be carried out much quicker than if it were done manually, and the information only has to be entered into the system once, even if it’s to be used for many purposes.

How it works

Approved/Controlled expenses from Rydoo can be exported to Sage in a CSV or Excel file format which can be delivered on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. This will help your Finance Team have full control over the expenses and their impact on the bottom line.

The file can be shared via an SFTP server or via an email with an attached link.

If you are using one of Sage’s payroll platforms and pay per diems with the salary, a separate report can be created for the payroll system.