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Close That Client: How to Master Traveling for Business with the Latest Tech

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Great news. It turns out that we’re still social animals. Despite living in a hyper-connected world where we can hide behind tech and our computer screens, smart businesses still recognize the importance of face-to-face meetings.

This is why business travel spend is set to reach a huge $1.6 Trillion by 2020, according to the latest research by The Global Business Travel Association.

With more companies working, collaborating, and trading internationally than ever before, traveling for business is an ever-increasing part of our professional lives. So how does mobile make this even easier for us?

Focus on closing that business deal or entertaining that client and take the stress out of international travel with our pick of the best mobile apps.

Seamlessly getting from A to B

Navigating your way through a new city can be tricky. From the London underground to New York’s metro, from minicabs to luxury vehicles, here is our pick of the best apps to keep you moving and connected when you travel internationally. And with most of them offering mobile payments and tickets, we also take the admin hassle away.

Promising to save ‘Londoners from London’, ‘Edokkos from Tokyo’, and 36 other global cities in-between, CityMapper is the definitive journey planning app. Whether you want to walk, ride, drive, (or catapult), CityMapper uses real-time data to find you the best route and avoid any disruption or delays. Available on iOS and Android.

SNCB Europe
Pulitzer-prize winning Edna St.Vincent Mallay famously wrote that ‘There isn’t a train that I wouldn’t take.’ She clearly never tried travelling by rail around Europe for business. With so many railway lines, providers, and ticket options, download the SNCB app to simplify your travel. It lets you pre-book international train tickets to 1000s of European destinations, and keep mobile train tickets on your smartphone.

The best app for rail travel in the US. Free on iOS and Android, use it to pre-book tickets, check train statuses and save journeys for future reference.

Uber & Lyft
Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last couple of years, you would have definitely heard of the daddy of all ride-hailing apps- Uber. But it is too useful not to mention. Alongside competitor Lyft which is also a good option, both apps work across iOS and Android and offer all ride types from economy to premium.

Effortlessly Managing Your Travel Expenses

Juggling Euros, Pounds, Dollars, conversion rates, and a wallet full of receipts can be tiresome after a while. With these mobile apps, you can focus on entertaining clients without worrying about exchange rates, local currency, or losing that big expense receipt.

Unlock the world with the RevolutCard and mobile app that empowers you to instantly send and spend money globally. Just order your RevolutCard, set up your profile and then make purchases all over the world at the real exchange rate in over 120 currencies. Perfect for your personal money when travelling internationally.

From taxis to train tickets, client meals to hotels, one thing is for sure traveling for business can leave you weighed down with dozens of receipts. Take the stress out of expense management by snapping and digitising your expense receipts in real-time with Rydoo. Its smart, secure technology extracts all of the relevant data and integrates it with your accounting process or software in real-time, leaving you to forget about expense management and focus on closing that business deal.

Mastering the Lingo

Taking your client out for dinner and having no idea what’s on the menu? Trying to find your way around a new city? These translation apps are going to make your time abroad a whole lot easier.

Google Translate
See the world in your language with the Google Translate app. Their cool camera translation tech lets you instantly visualize the text in 29 languages by simply holding your smartphone camera over the text. Perfect for those complicated foreign menus. It also lets you translate 52 languages by typing when you have no internet connection, and offers a huge 103 languages overall.

With over 50 million downloads worldwide, iTranslate helps you to read, write and speak in over 90 languages. Its voice conversion mode instantly recognizes your voice, translates your words, and reads them out loud in your chosen language. It also offers an offline version that is perfect to save your data.

Ready to Go?

With all that tech, you’re all set to conquer your next business trip. But before you jet off, make sure you have the basics covered:

  • Headphones & Mic: For Skype, product demos, and team chats on the fly
  • Wifi & Data: Mobile hotspot services like Boingo connects you to over 1 million Wifi hotspots worldwide.
  • Travel Chargers: A mobile battery pack is essential
  • Noise Cancelling Headphones: Block out the background noise on that long flight and just kick back and relax. You deserve it.

Oh and don’t forget your passport! Safe travels.

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