Summer Lovin’- the perfect time to implement SaaS tools

If there is one thing that every project manager knows it’s that the majority of SaaS implementations (and fitness memberships) start either in January or September.

January because there’s something symbolic about starting a new year with a new project with new year resolutions and such. It’s after the holidays, everyone is back at work and rested. It seems right.

September because there has been a traditional understanding that it is madness to run a project during the summer. Staff are away on holiday and it’s just too difficult.

But we disagree.

In fact, we think that the summer can be the perfect time to implement your new (expenses) solution and here’s why.

It’s quieter

If you have a busy company then your days are pretty much filled up most of the time.

Sometimes it can be difficult to catch a breath, except during the summer.

The summer is a time when many companies seem to slow down. Major sales initiatives don’t kick off because everyone assumes that their customers are away, major projects don’t start and often, the executive team are away on a Caribbean beach or rock climbing in the Himalayas.

This means that in general, things are less hectic and your day job becomes more manageable, meaning that you have more time to work on your new SaaS implementation.

You have more vitamin D in your system

OK, so it’s not vitamin D specifically but have you noticed how everyone seems to have a lot more energy when the days are longer?

You have a bit more zip, things seem to get done quicker and people are just more enthusiastic generally.

Contrast this with a wet Tuesday in February and you’ll see our point.

Surprisingly there’s good evidence that we are more intelligent during the spring and summer months too, as academic studies show that students attain higher grades for the work that they do when days are lighter.

Harness that enthusiasm and brainpower and get your project to bring in new tech tools underway.

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The days are longer.

It’s human nature to want to go home and hunker down when the nights are dark and long.

Frankly, who wants to be sitting in the office with the rain beating against the window panes when you could be safe and sound at home.

So trying to push through with a SaaS implementation when it’s cold and wet outside could be a difficult prospect. 

Instead, take advantage of the sunny (and long) days to really make headway.

You’ll find people will tend to work longer hours in the summer and this means that your project is likely to complete much quicker.

The good news is that with great weather outside you could be testing your new SaaS implementation and using your new tech tools whilst sitting on a beach or in your garden, indeed, anywhere where there is a good internet connection.

People are on holiday

This is the traditional reason why execs don’t like to start projects in the summer but in our experience, this is actually a big plus.

As we noted above, when people are on holiday the company is really only doing the minimum it needs to keep going which means that things are generally quieter and people are in a calmer frame of mind.

This means that your project team can get on with developing the solution without as many interruptions and calls on their time.

When everyone gets back in the autumn, you’ll have a fully configured system ready to go straight into user acceptance testing.

The other important point is that people are less likely to all go on vacation at the same time these days.

In the UK, it used to be the case that entire cities would close down for two weeks at a time, (Leicester in the first two weeks of July, for example), but that is no longer the case. People that are not tied down to school holidays tend to go away outside of this time as it’s cheaper.

It’s also true to say that in Italy you are far less likely to find offices they say are ‘Chiuso per Ferie’ (closed for holidays).

So the idea that it will be simply impossible to run a project during the holidays really isn’t as valid anymore.

There are more resources available

If you have ever tried to get IT to do something in January or September?

It’s a very difficult task, as often you find that they are working on all of the projects that have suddenly kicked off and they are also carrying out project work of their own.

If you are going to need IT resources for your SaaS implementation, then you are better off programming this in when there is less call on their time rather than when everyone else wants them.

Your software supplier is likely to be less busy

Now if you think about it logically, if your company kicks off its SaaS Implementation projects in September, then it is likely that every other company does exactly the same.

But this means that your implementation partners are likely to be incredibly busy just when you need them the most.

Take advantage of the slack time in the summer to get your implementation in first.

You’ll find that they have more people available, and their support systems will be quiet, meaning that you get super-quick service for your SaaS project.

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Summer is a great time to do a SaaS Implementation

In our experience there really is no reason why you wouldn’t want to do a SaaS implementation in the summer.

We often find that in practice things go a lot more smoothly and people are able to get more done.

As VP of Customer Sucess, Vicky Boeckx says: “Even though many people enjoy some well deserved time off, we do see clients using that extra time in summer to prepare for a smooth and successful go live on September 1st.”

So our advice is don’t wait.

Make use of the longer days and get your new SaaS implementation up and running now!

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