Learn how to lighten the approver’s load whilst increasing policy compliance

Have you ever thought how odd it is that companies allocate their most expensive and experienced employees to doing routine tasks like authorising expenses? If you didn’t, it might be because your company is making this big mistake.

It seems odd that the very people that are tasked with really driving an organisation forward are often sitting in an office doing something that falls far below their skill set, for example manually controlling business expenses.

Add to this the fact that businesses also ask their internal audit team to check for compliance and develop fraud avoidance measures, and you can see that something clearly needs to change.

When we developed Rydoo we wanted to produce the simplest, quickest and most cost-effective expense management system available.

But what we learned along the way is that our customers have serious issues with maintaining compliance with their policies and that it is costing senior people a lot of time and money. So what is the solution?


Scale your operation to a global level much faster by leaving our objective team of experts to control your expenses.

End-to-end compliant expense management

Picture this: you’re excited. You just got a new job as a financial controller. Your first task is to check some expenses. “Piece of cake”. Little did you know that there were expenses from all four corners of the world. “What? How am I supposed to know per diem rules in Singapore, Brazil and Norway?”. You take a deep breath and think to yourself that this is just your first day and you’ll learn it with time.

Disclaimer: you don’t.

The truth is, you cannot expect anyone to know the compliance particularities of multiple countries. If you are a global company, staying locally relevant yet globally present is a challenge you’ll face, because staying compliant is everything but a piece of cake. Luckily we’re here to help.

At Rydoo, we build strong bonds with our customers and part of that involves listening to what they have to say. They told us they needed help with claim approvals to make sure that they are within their policies. They also wanted people who could understand the different rules for expenses around the globe, including the payment of per diems.

Our clients also pointed out the unpopular topic of fraud. Whilst nobody likes to think that their staff may engage in fraud, the truth is that it does happen, so our customers highlighted the need for fraud prevention, identification and reporting methods. Also, we were told that one of the biggest drains on staff morale was waiting for managers to approve claims.

So we thought it was a good opportunity to improve our client’s lives.

Scale your operation to a global level with Rydoo Controlling Services

Introducing Rydoo Controlling Services

One of the key benefits of Rydoo is that businesses can automate approvals for simple expense claims but we realised that if we were to make Rydoo the centrepiece of a truly end-to-end compliance ecosystem then we needed to go further.

With customers around the world, including global players and fast-growth startups we realised that whatever solution we came up with needed to be scaleable.

That’s how Rydo Controlling services was born.

Think of Controlling Services like an external expert that acts as an approvals manager leaving your own executives to get on with the business of running a business!

Basically, our global team of independent and trained experts will manage your expense approval process, applying local policy and ensuring that payments remain completely compliant.

You’ll no longer need to spend hours checking countless expenses and research about mileage and per diems rules from a vast number of countries.

We’ll help you to understand the local tax laws that apply and harmonise your rules as far as possible.

And our team of objective experts will highlight areas that could mean fraud is taking place so that you can be secure in the knowledge someone has your back.

In other words, you’ll have more time and be more secure that you’re compliant everywhere.

Employees love the changes that Controlling Services brings because it delivers a consistent approach and more importantly fast approvals, meaning that your people get paid quicker.

Managers love it because it reduces their workload and leaves them free to get on with the work they were hired to do.

And executives love it because it removes manual processing, making the whole process much more cost-efficient.


Stop wasting time on repetitive tasks and ensure that all the expenses are consistently checked objectively.

A fully scalable solution

Controlling Services is designed to help companies operating across borders maintain a globally consistent approach to expenses.

But it would be a mistake to think that we can have a single approach in each territory. This is why Controlling Services employs specialists who understand local conditions. They can ensure that your policy respects local laws so that you don’t end up with compliance issues.

For fast-growth companies, having a solution in place that gives them space to grow, but doesn’t cost the earth is vitally important.

Controlling Services expands when you do, so when you move into new areas or you acquire new subsidiaries the system is able to provide a single expenses tool that works seamlessly.

And if you need system responses in local languages we can agree on templates for use in each location.

In short, Rydoo Controlling Services provides you with a fully scalable solution that will revolutionise the way you do expenses.

Lighten the approver’s load

with Rydoo Controlling Services

Your first step to greater control and faster, more efficient processing

We’ve worked really hard to bring our customers the very best in expenses management systems.

Rydoo Controlling Services reduces manual workload and speeds up the time it takes for your people to get paid – all from a simple to use scalable solution.

It helps you to remain compliant, wherever your people are and provides a proactive way to spot and deter fraud.

Take your first step to getting more control – call now and we’ll arrange a free demonstration to show you how easy it can be.

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