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Top 10 finance blogs to follow in 2020

Written by Renata Taunay
Renata is Content Marketer at Rydoo.

We understand that navigating through Financial & FinTech news may be difficult at times, with new Finance blogs appearing at the blink of an eye.

It is estimated that nowadays there are more than 500 million blogs and 2 million posts are posted daily. With that amount of information, how can you find something you really enjoy reading? That’s why we have made our very own selection of Financial blogs for you!

Tom Groenfeldt

Tom Groenfeldt is an important contributor at Forbes and was considered in 2015 one of the top 25 blogal finserv influencers. With amazing knowledge of technology, finance, banking, and fintech, he writes about all these topics with an insightful perspective and authority in his blog hosted by Forbes.

He also writes for the Chicago City Life, Mondo Visione, Banking Technology, and Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP) and in 2018 appeared on Jay Palter’s list of fintech influencers to follow. 

The Finanser

Chris Skinner is the author of The Finanser and he captivates his readers by writing rich articles about technology and finance. Because of his insightful approach, it was not a surprise when he was voted as one of the most influential people in banking by The Financial Brand

 Considered as a fintech “celebrity”, Skinner writes about innovation and comments on the latest news of the financial & technology world. His blog is updated almost daily with new content and a wide variety of subjects are covered with an irreverent and intelligent tone.

Fine Culture

Pascal Bouvier has great experience in finance and sees things as both entrepreneur and venture capitalist, giving him an “unmatched vantage point”. He’s also fascinated “by the creative tension that lies at the intersection of technology and society” as he emphasizes in his bio at Fine Culture.

The former French banker writes with a fresh perspective at the financial market and technology innovations. At Fine Culture you’ll read about a variety of topics that navigate through the Fintech wave, as well as advice for startups on this field – the best part? Pascal Bouvier writes with humor, making complex topics seems like a piece of cake.

Jessica Ellerm

Jessica Ellerm probably reached everything someone can possibly want in the financial & Technology world. She worked for the biggest Fintech startup of Australia – Tyro – and nowadays is the CEO and Co-Founder of Zuper, her own successful and wealth fintech startup. Jessica is also a finance journalist, hosting The Finance News Network online.

The blog is named after her and is the space where Jessica Ellerm writes about the revolution brought by technology to the banking and payment industry – a topic that she has gained a lot of knowledge about during her time at Tyro. You’ll also read about growth hacking and, of course, fintech and all its innovations.

finance blogs

Daily Fintech

Daily Fintech proposal is a bit different. Instead of being a one-author blog, the platform counts with some fintech experts to produce content that covers big variety of topics, from Bitcoin and Crypto, to wealth management and pension tech.

The blog is updated daily with fresh posts, meaning that you’ll never run out of entertainment and insightful discussions. Daily Fintech is a “must-read” for anyone related to the fintech ecosystem and a good front door for those who want to join this wave but still do not have enough knowledge to ride it.

Disruptive Finance

Huy Nguyen Trieu knows what he’s talking about. As the Co-Founder of the Centre for Finance, Technology and Entrepreneurship, and also a mentor on the board of several fintech companies, he is more than qualified to be considered an important name in the fintech ecosystem.   

Disruptive Finance proposes discussions around topics that matter to all finance and technology lovers – from new financial models and digital currency to tech innovation and the latest news.

Fintech Finance

Fintech.Finance is a blog written by experts in the financial and technology world. Their aim is to provide a platform where you can find content about, leading financial services organizations, emerging trends, disruptive and the latest technologies – Fintech.Finance wants to be a blog that finance leaders will read to be ahead of the curve and make informed decisions.

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The Fintech Times

The Fintech Times is it is the first and only printed newspaper dedicated to fintech. So, if you’re asking why we’re talking about a printed newspaper in a “best blogs” post, well we have great news: The Fintech Times also hosts an online blog!

With a creative blend between firsthand insights, expertise, and opinion, you’ll find in this blog the latest news from the fintech industry, as well as insurtech, wealthtech, paytech and basically all topics related to technology and emerging trends. It is definitely a must for all financial technology admirals.

Business Insiders

Business Insiders – as the name suggests- is a business blog that covers several areas from the business world. Henry Blodget, a former Wall Street Analyst is the mind behind Business Insiders, and something contributes with written posts. His great team of contributors select stories, comment on case studies, follow up emerging trends and share the latest news when it comes to fintech.

The variety of topics and perspectives is so vast inside of the business bubble that it is very unlikely you access the blog and do not find any topics of interest of yours. Business Insiders is definitely worth a regular visit for those seeking information on business topics in general, or on finance-related news. 


Real Time Economics

Real Time Economics is the Wall Street Journal’s blog and it offers, according to them, “exclusive news”, as well as commentary and analysis on the global economy, economics and central bank policy. 

Referred to as an eclectic and lively blog, Real-Time Economics is always ahead of the curve with the freshest news. Not only that, but it also brings up discussion topics related to corporate and government finance. With a vast variety of subjects, the Wall Street Journal’s blog proposes intelligent and updated talks on everything that matters when it comes to the financial wave.

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