Employee mobility – The 7 start-ups to watch after Vivatech

Employee mobility – The 7 start-ups to watch after Vivatech

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Vivatech 2019 was a lot of fun. With approximately 120.000 participants, 13.000 start-ups, and 2.500 journalists in attendance, France’s biggest meet-up of the year is growing to the magnitude of a large rock festival. Choosing some of the most promising start-ups in the field of “employee mobility” was a difficult task, but we succeeded. Here is our final list of nominees.



Carpooling is hot, especially in France. We heard Frédéric Mazella, founder of Blablacar, say that over 50% of the young people (meaning under 25 years old) in France have an account on his ride-sharing platform. Numbers don’t lie, and this impressive one probably means carpooling is here to stay. Where Blablacar is the perfect platform for people travelling for a somewhat longer distance, it is less suitable for commuting within the same city. That’s where Klaxit comes in. With its Uber-like app, this cool start-up aims to get employees easily from their homes to their workplaces. With over 180 enterprise clients already, Klaxit seems to have untapped some potential in the mobility sphere. Feel like convincing your employer too?



Flying cars…a very distant future or the means of transportation of tomorrow? If it depends on AeroMobil, sooner rather than later we will all be flying through the skies with our personal cars. Or should we call the AeroMobil’s vehicle a plane? AeroMobils are actually both cars and planes at the same time. Travelling up to a thousand kilometres becomes much more efficient when you can remove the need to switch between different types of transport of course. You can pre-order yours today here. What are you waiting for?




Denying the green revolution in mobility would be silly. All of the mobility companies we saw at Vivatech were, in one way or another, thinking about their ecological impact. When the CEO of Citroën Linda Jackson recognizes on stage that “the world is changing from the traditional model of buying a personal car to a myriad of different means of transportation”, you know that the realm of the old-school diesel or gasoline car is officially over.

Of course, some bold start-ups are playing a role in this important movement, like WeNow. WeNow is a personal eco-driving coach for you or your employees. In other words, it’s software that measures how energy-efficient you are when you’re driving and what you can do to do it better. The French startup claims it can reduce your company’s spending on fuel by 5 to 15%, which is not only beneficial for the company budget, but also for the planet. Win-win, isn’t it?


The Bar Corner


Who said employees cannot have fun while travelling for business? Staying around after meetings and heading over to some watering hole to talk about the good things in life is just as important as the actual business meetings. From now on there’s The Bar Corner to help suit everyone’s needs. It works like a 21st-century dating app: you set your preferences and you swipe either left or right. You wouldn’t mind stretching your legs a bit? Or do you prefer to sip on some cocktails on a relaxing couch? The Bar Corner will help you find the ideal match!

Culture Trip

Calling Culture Trip a travel booking platform would be the same as saying Facebook is a messaging app. Booking hotels or experiences is indeed possible on Culture Trip’s platform, but it is so much more. In the first place, Culture trip aims to inspire people who like travelling. By showcasing “culture” content of all sorts – from text articles over 360° videos to documentaries or illustrations – it is currently engaging with over 18 million unique visitors a month. We can only conclude the word is most definitely out and that, given their fast growth and rich content, Culture Trip may well become the full funnel proposition it aspires to be. Did we see the next AirBnB at Vivatech? Who knows.



Clem sees it big. This green startup sees itself as a key player in the development of “eco-mobility”, as well as an expert on the transition towards sustainable energy. Clem offers a range of possibilities to co-operatives or public institutions, as well as to companies. Their varied offer reflects the “à la carte” mindset of millennial commuter groups nowadays. Whether your “Smart Building, Business Park or City” wants to organize carpooling, offer shared cars or bikes, or just wants to install charging points for electric cars, Clem offers a solution. Simply open your vehicle with your smartphone thanks to its technology M’Connect, or do it with a safe physical key. Check it out yourself here.


And Rydoo? Rydoo aims to re-think the whole experience of travelling for work. From booking a business trip to the preferences of the employee to managing all his or her expenses on the go to extracting all possible insights for the department manager or controller, Rydoo has it. No more manual work or middle man, employees can handle the whole process themselves with a few pictures and clicks. Get a demo today!

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