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Modern Companies: A 101 with Microsoft

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Renata is Content Marketer at Rydoo.

“What does it mean to offer a modern working environment ?” That was the topic of our most recent webinar, which included Patrick Viaene, Microsoft 365 BG Lead, and Sebastien Marchon, CEO of Rydoo. They talked about modern companies and how workplace innovation helps firms make better decisions.

 Read on to find out what both leaders had to say on the subject: 


Innovation in the Work Environment

There is a great fallacy in the corporate world where many believe that a modern working environment is restricted to offices with the latest technologies including state-of-the-art computers, automatic doors using motion detection and lights that come on with a few claps. 

Modern companies go far beyond that 

As Patrick Viaene rightly said, “what’s an innovative work environment?” is almost a philosophical question as it encompasses way more than the more traditional concept of modernity.

It is not only physical space but also an innovative digital environment that fosters the quality of life of employees and reflects a modern business culture. 

A good way to summarize this idea is with the concept of a company that has “a set of tools and infrastructure that allows an employee to do his job and organize his life”, as defined so well by Microsoft.

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The Digital Space

In today’s competitive job market, we process a whirlwind of information every minute and employees expect their companies to give them the tools they need to organize their lives. Patrick stressed: 


“And I mean specifically life and not work. They want to organize their life and work is part of that – that’s a big part of it. They (employees) tell the employer ‘give me the tools to organize my life’.’ That means it’s about collaboration first of all”.  


Collaboration internally with colleagues and externally with customers, partners, and more are part of employees’ day-to-day lives. To ensure this is done in the best possible way, the right tools are required.  

Simple Solutions, Incredible Results

Patrick and Sebastien discussed tools used by both Rydoo and Microsoft. They both talked about these tools as simple solutions that present incredible results for the modernization of companies – boosting the quality of life and work for employees.   

Tools such as Office Delve, Power BI, Slack, Bynder, and of course Rydoo were some of the solutions mentioned in the discussion. For Patrick and Sebastien, they have been key parts of the infrastructure of a modern company with an innovative work environment. 

What do these solutions have in common? 

The answer is simple: they are solutions that give employees autonomy to deliver their work and organize their lives efficiently. They are services that prevent employees from wasting time on activities that add little value and allow them to focus on what really matters.  

The important concept of "Self-Service"

One of the most interesting concepts brought up in the first part of the panel discussion is the idea of Self Service. But what is this about?

Patrick used the example of Multi-factor authentication (MFA) – an excellent example of the idea of “simple solutions with incredible results”.   

What is MFA? 

The name may be new to you, but it’s definitely something you’ve encountered before. When do you receive an SMS to confirm that you really are the owner of your email account? Or when a secret question is needed in order to access that platform that you haven’t logged into in years? It’s all MFA. 

The question then raised by Microsoft’s leader is very valid: If we use it in our daily lives as consumers, why can’t we do the same on the desktop at work?

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Modern Companies / "How does an individual, when they shop online [...] and forget their password, simply click "I forgot my password" to receive a text message or other multi-factor authentication request and they can reset their worked password in 30 minutes. How can this work for me as a consumer, but when I forget my password as an employee, I need to call technical support and ask them to reset my password?"

Independent employees

Modern companies value employee autonomy and invest in the automation of processes that do not add value to the company (such as resetting a colleague’s password).  Only then will the employees have time to innovate. 

This is exactly the same motivation behind solutions like Rydoo: 

Modern Companies / If you implement Rydoo, you can decrease the time spent by your staff, approvers and controllers by 83%, because Rydoo takes a few seconds to scan a receipt. [...] and then it goes through a control stage. Everything has been optimized, even the control of receipts can be fully automated so that your staff, the controller, the financial staff and, of course, the end-users have more time to devote to higher-value tasks that really impact the business

Rydoo is the perfect example of autonomy at your employees’ fingertips: a simple photo of a receipt taken and uploaded in real-time. From then on, automation takes over. 

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To find out more about the importance of a modern corporate culture reflected in an innovative work environment, watch our full webinar with Microsoft and tune into the insights shared by both leaders. 

If you already know all about what a company needs to build an innovative work environment in 2020 and want to take your next step, schedule a brief demonstration with one of our experts and find out how Rydoo can bring on the innovation your organization is so looking for.

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