Stop wasting time on repetitive tasks

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Ensure that all the expenses are consistently checked objectively

Our team of experts will verify the potential duplicates to guarantee compliance of your policies and prevent legal violations by doing an impartial control check to:

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Validate the presence and quality of the receipts

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Verify mileage destinations

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Identify potential duplicates

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Confirm completeness of the expense

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Minimise the time spent on expense approvals

As your company grows, so does your team. Let Rydoo understand all the rules involving Pier Diems or mileages and carry out the initial check and approval, leaving your team of managers only to do the second line of approval (if desired).

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Harmonise and standardise the process of expense claims

Having all of your company expenses checked by an external expert takes the sting out of each discussion. Let our team perform their thorough analysis and see resistance, frustrations and even expense fraud melt away.

What clients & controllers are saying

Large chemical and consumer goods company

Marc C. - Head of General Accounting

Rydoo Controlling Services is the perfect addition to the tool itself. By leaving our company expenses control to Rydoo, we can scale much faster and invest in what matters most to our business.


Bram T. - Auditor

After a while, you start to know the client’s travel & expense policies by heart. It’s easy for me to spot the errors and advise the client to improve their expense policy based on the best practices I’m seeing.

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