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Alternatives to SAP Concur: Meet 5 top-notch solutions

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If you’re familiar with expense management, you’ve probably heard of SAP Concur. It is one of the most popular business tools in the world, having a massive user base of enterprises all around the world. However, there are a variety of reasons why you might wish to look at SAP Concur alternatives. For one thing, using their product isn’t inexpensive, especially if you’re not utilizing the majority of its enormous feature set. It’s also largely focused on the larger corporations, making it a poor fit for mid-sized businesses, which frequently have quite different demands.

Because there are a whole lot more expense management tools out there, we’re rounding up the best alternatives to SAP Concur in this article, highlighting exactly why we think they might be a better option.


Less effort and more control — that’s what ExpenseWire says they’re offering to people using their service. Most of this is true, as the services make it easier to handle your expenses if you’ve been dealing with stacks of physical receipts before. It can be an affordable alternative to SAP Concur.

Founded in 1999, it’s one of the older companies in the space, which means that there’s a lot of in-house experience about the way digital tools can help with managing expenses. On the other hand, that also means that the experience is partly stuck in the past, as most of the website isn’t very aesthetically pleasing.

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A problem you’ll face from time to time is that there’s only one way to upload receipts to the tool — through the mobile website. There’s no native mobile app that’s specifically built for your phone’s operating system, which means you’re missing out on lots of powerful features and a better user experience.

+ Long track record

+ Affordable for any size team

– The interface can be clunky and hard to use at times

– Doesn’t offer a dedicated mobile app


Instead of just focusing on offering as many features as possible, Rydoo has been designed to create a great experience for the end-user, as well. Thanks to a well-crafted design and smooth user experience, it’s easy for anyone to get started. This comes in incredibly handy when you’re onboarding a large part of your organization, as you don’t want people to spend lots of time on understanding the interface — you want them to do their job.

Rydoo also offers a lot of powerful, modern features that help take the hassle out of expense management. Real-time data gives you actionable insights into how employees are spending their company money, enabling you to make better decisions about your expense policy. Also, OCR-powered receipt scanning makes processing your paper documents a lot easier. On top of this, the platform closely integrates with other work tools, like Slack, SAP, and Uber, making it easier to get things done. Rydoo’s native Travel Booking Tool integration makes sure your business trip bookings and expenses are all managed on the same platform.

It’s also good to know that if something goes wrong, Rydoo’s customer support team is always there to help — and they speak over 9 languages. It is definitely a top-notch alternative to SAP Concur.

+ Great user experience

+ Integrated Travel Booking Tool

+ Stellar customer support

– Less suited for the smallest teams


With a basic but friendly-looking website, Tallie doesn’t win any prizes for having great branding — even though it still does the job. The service has a limited amount of features but still manages to fit in everything you would expect from an expense management platform, including OCR receipt scanning, auto-categorization, and a management approval flow.

However, in the usability department, things get much worse. The website is serviceable, but the main paint point is the mobile app — which is what you’ll probably use most of the time.  Simple features like changing the date of a receipt or adjusting the currency aren’t available from your phone, making it critical to always have your laptop on hand.

Add to this a pricing scheme that starts at $10 per user per month, and we’re starting to wonder if you’ll get your money’s worth. Among the many alternatives to SAP Concur we presented you, Tallie might be the one for your business. These are the pros and cons to be considered:

+ Highly focused, nothing you don’t need

– Lackluster user experience

– The lowest priced plan is still on the expensive side


As one of the top-rated mileage reimbursement apps, Everlance is mostly focused on making it easy to track distances you drive in work vehicles. By downloading an app and hitting a button when starting a drive, it automatically registers mileage — taking the guesswork out of your expense reports.

It’s easy to sync with your team, making it possible to view all company mileage on one single dashboard, including all relevant receipts and other documents. But even though it’s a great service for tracking car usage, it isn’t many other things. There’s basic support for tracking other expenses, but it doesn’t work half as well, making the app really only useful for when you’re in a car.

+ Great for mileage tracking

– Lacks most other features


As the world’s first 100% web-based time and expense tracking platform, Journyx has built a tool that’s been used by customers across industries for years. The product is broken up into multiple parts — Capture, Report, and Forecasting, which together offer everything you need to track time and expenses for projects, payroll, or billing. 

Unfortunately, that’s also where it falls short. There are simply so many options that the product becomes hard to understand and use, making it only a recommendation for companies who have a need for all of its features. Check out some bullet points of this tool that might be a good alternative to SAP Concur:

+ Lots of powerful features

– Too many features make for an overwhelming experience

– Dense, information-heavy interface

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