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Our top 5 innovators in Finance in 2020

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Prior to the digital technology disruption, finance departments had a clear-cut and more traditional concentration on treasury, accounting, and budgeting. Finance innovation is now part of their work: Financial leaders are taking on a more proactive, inventive, and strategic role.

In words of former Google CEO, Eric Schmidt, “the characteristic of great innovators in finance and great companies is they see a space that others do not. They don’t just listen to what people tell them; they actually invent something new, something that you didn’t know you needed, but the moment you see it, you say, ‘I must have it.”


Innovation is not just about new ideas, but also about re-imagining things that already exist. Taking advantage of new technologies is essential to innovate in the Finance sector.

In this short article, we’ll have a look at 5 of our most forward-thinking customers, who solved the problem of the manual and time-consuming old expense management process by implementing a new digital solution.

Paul Smejkal - Total Tool Supply

Paul is Total Tool Supply’s CFO. As CFO and partner to the leadership team, Paul focuses on continuous improvement and combines a strategic mindset with financial expertise to make key business decisions. His career spans high-tech manufacturing organizations in implantable medical devices, defense and aerospace industries, and hardware/software for the financial and identity markets.

He managed to reduce employees’ time spent on expense reports by 80%. Want to know how? Read Paul’s full story here.

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innovators in Finance

Alex Prentice - MRN

Alex is part of the Finance Department at the Medical Research Network. He is responsible for seeking and implementing systems and/or process improvements within the organization, whilst day-to-day overseeing cash flow, purchases, and sales.

Alex reinvented the whole business process of expense management in his company and implemented it for his 50 co-workers. But he didn’t just implement a new tool. He managed to save 35h/month in the finance department and 14h/month for the heavy expenses of MRN.

Discover more about Alex’s achievements here.

Chantal Garicano - Mcfit

Chantal is Mcfit’s Administration and Finance leader for the Spanish market. With more than 10 years of experience in external audit, she used to work for different sectors and companies. Chantal’s international and diverse experience allowed her to develop a creative and innovative mindset that now she applies to her current job. She always aims to improve and automate internal processes within her department and, along with her great personal skills, she understands what an innovation project needs to be successful.

She managed to implement an expense management tool in her company in just 8 weeks. Read Chantal’s full story here.

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chantal - innovators in finance

Jürgen Everaerts - Tiense Suiker

Since 2009, Jürgen works at Tiense Suiker as Accounting & Tax Manager. His experience in the areas of Accounting, Controlling, Tax, and Management offers him the right skills to cover all aspects of Accounting, Audit, and Tax for all Belgian legal entities of Tiense Suiker.

As a forward-thinker himself, he strengthened his finance role with more strategic and decision-making activities like process redefining, planning, analytical thinking, or project management. One of his successful projects was the implementation of a new expense management tool in his company, with which he helped the finance team save 80% of its time processing expenses and achieved a satisfaction rate of 95% among employees with the new tool.

Discover the full story here.

Raja Qaisar - Prestige Nursing

Raja is Prestige Nursing’s Chief Accountant. He is driven by process improvement and enjoys identifying areas for enhancement and implementing changes to increase efficiency and productivity. Raja is always looking to contribute in a positive way; whether that is in meetings regarding the use of resources or creating reports on the analysis of variance.

Prestige Nursing’s road to expense management automation is the result of Raja’s big efforts to implement a new way of managing expensing at his company. He managed to reduce his department’s time managing expenses by 92%.

Check his full story here.

innovators in Finance

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