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Automate Mileage Tracking of Your Employees

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The mileage cost…

It’s common for an employee or a manager to use his own vehicle as part of his function within the company and/or to travel from home to the office.

What is called “mileage rate” is the basis for calculating mileage allowance and is updated annually by each tax administration.

Easier calculation of business travel expenses

With Rydoo the calculation of business travel expenses becomes very easy. The rate of mileage allowance and the date from which it applies can be configured directly in the system.

The employee only has to specify which distance he traveled: Rydoo applies the current rate and calculates the total mileage cost.

The advantage is obviously to facilitate travel expense reimbursement, but also to save valuable time for both the employees and HR.

With Rydoo, you no longer need specific software for travel expenses forms:  you will not only manage mileage tracking, but also all other kinds of business expenses, such as restaurant bills, flight tickets, fuel expenses, …

mileage reimbursement rates

What about the approval of expenditures?

Configuring business expenses is fine, but if you really want to save time and energy, the approval system of these expenses must also be integrated into the application.

This is why Rydoo proposes an approval module: the approval workflow can be determined so that the whole process of costs validation shall be in accordance with company policy.

Thus, the CFO who receives expense reports is certain that they have previously been approved by or the right person(s) prior to reimbursing them.

What about your company? How do you manage travel expenses? Tell us more about your situation, and we’ll give you some tips to optimize the process.

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