Rydoo ISO Certification

Focusing on data security, Rydoo is now ISO 27001 certified


Rydoo is now ISO 27001 certified. ISO/IEC 27001 is an international standard for information security management systems.

It was accredited after an extensive 14-day audit by an objective, third-party auditing company. They stated that “The Rydoo Information Security Management System has been found to be carefully established and implemented. Both core and supporting processes like Product Management, Product Development, Sales, Customer Relationship Management are highly standardized and controlled on a mature level.”

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This means that our data security practices and processes meet the highest standards and comply with industry best practices. The whole project took 12 months and a total of 50 Rydoo-ers took part in 28 audit sessions. Our Rydoo locations in Warsaw, Bialystok and Mechelen were remotely assessed. 12 applicable legislations and 77 asset groups were inventoried. The scope includes IT infrastructure hosting Rydoo application and all backend services located in Azure datacentres (regions Europe West and Europe North) and all employees’ endpoints.


It was an extensive process and very rewarding. Rydoo was thoroughly evaluated which resulted in achieving the ISO 27001 certificate. The data security of our customers is paramount and this badge proves our commitment to it. This is some of the best news this year.

– Michal Wisniewski | VP Security at Rydoo


We continue to do everything we can to ensure the best product experience for our customers.


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